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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sewing the Seeds

This summer Elie and I were in a JoAnn Fabric store and saw that they offer sewing classes for kids! She was so excited about it and so was I. We talked about doing something like that for her and the others at home. Finally, last week, we pulled out the fabric and the patterns and we cut out and sewed some pajama pants, out of flannel, for the older three!

We had such a good time! They pinned and cut (with help of course). We used the rotary cutter because the scissors were too big for their little hands. The rotary cutter was even a little difficult, but like all new skills, will get better with practice. Then we read the instructions and sewed!

I let Elie and Isaac sit and use the sewing machine by themselves, while I stood by and helped out from the side. Getting the foot pedal to the proper height was an adventure, but we figured it out. As expected, Elie was very good at keeping the machine to a slow and steady speed, but Isaac was a bit of a wild-man. They each did a GREAT job of feeling the machine and letting it do some of the work while guiding the fabric through. Talia sat in my lap while I pushed the pedal and she helped me guide the fabric.

Of course, Talia did loose interest about halfway through. Then Isaac peeled off for a while and then came back. But Elie stuck with me the whole time! (Of course, all of that is completely age appropriate.) It was so much fun, I want to do another project with them. They loved the outcome and each have been enjoying wearing their pajama pants (every night!).

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