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Saturday, November 22, 2008

T is for Talia

When Elie and Isaac were about 15 months old, they became obsessed with books. Anytime anyone sat down, they wanted you to read to them. They would sit and look at books for quite a while on their own. We would read the same books, over and over and over and over to them, until we were sick and tired of reading them. Talia, however, was a different duck. She never did get interested in books. Oh, she'd semi-sit through reading them, but she wasn't ever paying really close attention. And when asked what she'd like to do, she almost never picked reading a story.

I was a bit concerned. Maybe I didn't read enough to/around her. Maybe I wasn't doing everything I could to encourage a love of reading. I just wasn't sure what to do. Finally, when she was around two, books became more interesting. They still weren't her top pick, but she was starting to be able to sit through, and pay attention to, the picture books that Elie and Isaac liked to listen to when they were her age.

Now, finally, that is what she WANTS to do. She will pick five or six of them and we'll sit down and read them all at once. I can never read to that child too much. And she will become obsessed with a book and then we read it over and over and over again, until Mommy and Daddy have to veto reading it one more time.

So, when her teacher Morah. C. told Adam at the parent/teacher conference that she still couldn't identify her own name, I got a little concerned. She wasn't all that interested in books and so maybe now she's not so interested in reading, I thought. But, it turns out she's really interested and so lately we've been working a bit more dilligently on learning letters and finding them in what we read.

It's so complicated and difficult to judge, what is normal for one child, may not be for another. Does it mean they are less intelligent? That we've somehow screwed up as parents? I guess that's my paranoia; that somehow, some choice I make along the way will prevent my child from being as happy, successful, intelligent, loving a person as they could be. I think I'm going to have to learn to put that away and take heart in the fact that I'm doing the best job I possibly can, with what I have. But for now, I'm just going to take heart in the fact that MissLulu loves to read and is learning her letters.

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