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Monday, December 29, 2008

Contagious Control Issues

It seems that I have passed on my control issues to my children. Each of them have at least one or two things that *must* be just right in order for the world to work properly. Even Leila, at 20 months old, has issues.

For instance, she has to have her cup touching her bowl or plate when she is eating a meal. If it is not touching her bowl or plate, she will stop eating in order to grab the cup with her hands and slide it until it is touching the bowl or plate. If she uses the potty and we try to leave the bathroom while the toilet lid is still up, she freaks out and starts yelling. Same if we leave on the light and leave the room. I'm okay with the light reminder, but the lid up issue I could do without.

Elie used to "play" that she was cleaning. She would take a toy bin and organize it. Her favorite was lining up all the cars, in some predetermined order, that only she could figure out.

Isaac still has major control issues about his clothes and what he wants to wear. He doesn't like jeans. He picks his favorites and then wears them all.the.time. He often will refuse to wear something that doesn't feel right.

Talia loves dresses. She wears dresses nearly every single day. If there's not a dress and tights to wear to school, then she has a mini-freak-out and practically refuses to get dressed.

I wish I could say I don't know where they got this propensity for control-freakishness. But I do. And I'm just sorry that I couldn't keep it from being passed down to another generation. Ah well. *shrug*

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