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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Holidays

Ah, the holidays. The kids have had lots of fun at school learning the requisite school versions of popular holiday songs. Elie came home and sang "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, the rest is highly inappropriate...." (sing it to yourself, it really does work in tune ;-) ) I asked her to sing it to me anyway. I wanted to know if it was so different from the version that I learned when I was in elementary school. It hasn't changed much.

Elie and Isaac both had a good time at their school "holiday" parties. I have been very pleased with how little "Christmas" stuff has come home with them. There's been plenty of red and green, but no mangers, no santa and I can live with that.

Isaac, though, seems personally offended everytime we see something decorated for Christmas. "Why is this decorated for Christmas? Do they think everyone celebrates Christmas? We don't celebrate Christmas. Do they celebrate Christmas? Not everyone celebrates Christmas." He goes through this little tirade every.single.time. I've explained many times how we live in a country where most people celebrate Christmas etc.etc, but he still seems highly irritated by being the minority.

They are enjoying Chanukah and we have had some really nice celebrations with family and friends. It's been very nice to have all the nights be non-school nights, that way we can celebrate into the night without being concerned about getting up for school the next day.

Of course, the kids are also enjoying Dadam being off work so much. And I must admit, I am too. It's so nice to have him around. We've had such fun being together as a family this break. And I'm excited to think there's another week still to go!!!

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