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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's that Time AGAIN

Yes, indeedy folks, we've had our First Major Illness of the season. Tell MommyOj what's she's won:

- a virus that runs 5-6 days long, that begins with vomiting (with more sprinkled randomly in the middle for good show) and is marked by a really, really high fever (I think our record here was a balmy 103.8, registered by MissElie)

- aforementioned virus will run through every.single.child, but not not all once...oh no, it can only happen in a graduated manner

-some severe maternal sickness, in this particular case it was an amazingly bad case of mastitis, like so bad I'd count it as the second worst case I've ever had (and I've had mastitis like 10 times...seriously)

Thank goodness I had good karma on my side and Dadam just happened to be home. I acutally made him take the day off on Friday because my fever was so high I could hardly walk to the bathroom from our bed.

Now, though we have just one holdout. The boy-child is on a rest day home from school. He still had a fever last night, but there's no sign of it today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will go to school tomorrow. He certainly seems well enough today....

Children are germ magnets and germ factories. Bleaugh.

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  1. What a special bunch of prizes. Hope that you all are building wonderful immunities and that you will be germ free for the rest of the season. (like that is really going to happen - oh yea)