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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Dadam has a reputation around here for his epic gastrointestinal noises. He has, on occasion, told the children that the "toot monster" was around after he passed gas. So one night, he was patting Elie to sleep.
"Daddy, do you have a list of goals? You know, like things that you are working on to accomplish." - Elie
"Uhhhh (not sure where this came from). No. Not really." - Adam
"Well, I think you should make a list and at the top of the list you could put 'get rid of the toot monster'!" - Elie

Today Dadam was talking to the kids about the plan for the afternoon. He is headed to England and so he was telling the kids that they were going to take him to the airport and drop him off. He used those exact words - "You are going to drive me to the airport and drop me off."
Talia says, "How is that going to work?"
And he proceeds to explain that it will be the reverse of what happened on Friday when we picked him up from the airport.
Talia looks at him and says "But we can't drive!"

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