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Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh You So Funny

On Thursday I was tickling Talia. She loves to be tickled. She even asks for it sometimes, which is very funny. She tried to tickle me and I said, totally lying, "Oh, I'm not ticklish!" Then I started pretending to bite her and she said (shrieking with laughter) "Oh Mommy, I'm not bitish!"

At dinner this evening, Dadam told me that in the UK all restaurants and bars are smoke free starting 1 January of this year. I was very excited by this. Then Isaac chipped in and said "I know why there's no smoking allowed on an airplane."
"Why?" - Dadam
"Because if there was smoking on an airplane it would stink. Like deadness. Like a jug." - Isaac
(Yes, we too were wondering A:where Isaac has ever smelled deadness and B:what, exactly, does a jug smell like???!?!?!)

Tonight when Dadam went in to tuck in Elie and Isaac, Elie very seriously called him over.
"Daddy, I have something to tell you." She said this very seriously and in a stage whisper.
"Yes, Elie?" - Dadam
"Everything in this world is either a solid, liquid or a gas. Our bodies are a solid." - Elie
"Well, our bodies have liquid too, on the inside. And sometimes we make gas." - Dadam
"What? When do we make gas?" - Elie
"When we toot." - Dadam
Then Elie starts giggling uncontrollably...

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