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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

Here in NOVA when the slightest bit of wintry weather comes in, people panic. They drive like maniacs and are generally totally freaked out by any sort of freezing stuff coming down from the sky. Soooo, this means that when winter weather makes its appearance, we also have school closures. This is not such a big deal to me. I like my kids and I like spending time with them. I don't work outside the home and so it doesn't throw a giant monkey wrench in the works when school gets called off. (As an aside, Dadam is out of the country and, of course, his work lets out early because of the weather. It has happened less than a handful of times the four years we've been here and OF COURSE it happens now while he's gone. Feh.)

As you've probably guessed by now, today was a snow day. When we woke up this morning it was actively snowing and snowed hard most of the day. Now it is raining down freezing rain. Lovely, no? I'm thinking no school again tomorrow, though I could be wrong.

A snow day does call for winter fun outside and so we took advantage. It was the first time this winter that we've had anywhere near enough snow to do anything with. We got all bundled up, after lunch, and headed outside. I was not expecting to stay out long, but I was wrong! Isaac and Elie immediately started running, jumping, landing on their sleds and sliding down the hill. Talia and Leila both wanted to get on their own sleds and be pushed down the hill. It was great!

Leila was totally into sledding. She kept saying "push, push" then bringing me a sled and laying down headfirst on her tummy and saying "ummy, ummy"! I'd push her and she'd slide down the hill, roll of the sled and head back up. She refused to go with anyone else, even me. It was such a kick.

Talia really loved the sledding too and wanted to go with me. So I'd lay down and she'd lay on my back and down we'd go. She went by herself a few times, but it was better with company, apparently.

Leila got cold first and so she and I headed inside. Elie and Talia followed soon after, but Isaac was really into playing and stayed out a long time. I felt bad for him because he declared he was having "buckets of fun" and didn't want to come in. He just wanted someone to stay out with him. I feel really conflicted because I want Elie and Talia to play with him, but it seemed cruel to say to them "you can't come in because Isaac isn't done yet."

We all had hot cocoa when he came in, though, and he seemed alright. Then more inside playing and watching the snow continue to come down. We'll have to see what other wintry weather tomorrow brings.


  1. We have tried to take G out sledding multiple times since you guys were here.... and he never wants to, or lasts for about 5 minutes. There seems to be no allure without other littles around. Mommy & Papa are boring to the max. I wish we lived closer! (Though I recognize that a year from now that will have an entirely different meaning, but you know what I mean)

  2. I think I might just force him to go with me this weekend because I want to! All this snow all winter and I haven't been out yet because I stay inside with the bean. poop.