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There are four of Them: three girls and one boy, little stair-steps all. There are two of Us: best friends, co-parents and truly in love. The Six of us have epic adventures full of laughter and love, occasionally containing tears, but always together.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Are We Done Yet?

With four kids, three of whom are in school, we get lots and lots of germs. In January four of the six of us got strep throat. We struggle through and generally do a good job staying healthy and dealing with the germs we can't avoid.

My least favorite sicko situation of all is Gastrointestinal Viruses. Yes, that's right, puking, vomiting and diarrhea. It is AWFUL; not only does it sound horrid while it's happening, it makes a HUGE mess AND tons and tons and tons of laundry.

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to avoid the pukes this season and currently we are in the midst of an awful bout. Sunday morning we were awakend by Leila, with Isaac following close behind. Elie didn't get sick until about mid-afternoon and Talia has yet to show any symptoms at all. (Though I'm not holding my breath that she won't get sick.)

Thankfully I'm not ill, but Dadam is gone, so I'm EveryParent this week. It won't last forever, right?

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