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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Different Choices

Isaac has a friend, E, in the neighborhood who is also in kindergarten. She isn't in his class, but they get off the bus together. From the start they have been fast friends. They play very well together and really enjoy each others' company. It seems like it could be perfect. But, of course, it isn't.

The biggest issue is that E's family has some different standards of behavior. E is the baby of the family and can definitely act like it. She tends to want things her way and her way only. She even can be pretty demanding to me, which I resist. But Isaac likes playing with her when she is not being obnoxious and since he's the one who is playing with her, I don't want to say that she can't come over. When they play at her house, I know that she has a tendency to throw temper-tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. Isaac wants to just move past it and so he gives in to the behavior that her own mother won't stop. This is mildly frustrating to me but I had sort of resigned myself to it. As long as he wants to play with her, I'm okay with it.

We also had an issue earlier in the year when they were out and playing outside and he went on a scooter with no helmet. I talked to him about always wearing a helmet when he gets on something like that, but he can easily be swayed and I'm not sure he would stand up for what he knew was right if pressed.

But today, I went to pick him up from their house and they were watching a movie. This I find sort of unpleasant because he is there to play and not zone out in front of the tv. Worse, it was a movie that I would not consider appropriate for a five year old. It was a PG movie. I think the rating system can be pretty bogus and I think it is important (as a parent) that I make a case by case decision about what I think is appropriate and what isn't. I sent my kid over to another house to play and they end up watching a movie, not only that, but it's a movie that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't let him watch!

I'm really pretty bent about the whole thing. And I think that I'm going to ask them to play over here from now on. The worst part is that I feel irresponsible. I feel like I should have gone with my gut about this whole situation and not allowed him to go over there this afternoon. I should have respected the part of me that was questioning some of the prior situations. Of course, he's not damaged by what happened, but it makes me uncomfortable and that's enough to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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