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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lucky Number Seven

Today we celebrated the seventh birthday of Miss Elie. Wow. I can hardly believe that seven years have gone by so incredibly fast. It seems like just yesterday we were in the NICU with her trying to get her to nurse, holding her through our tears, kissing her sweet and oh-so-tiny head and struggling to remember that we weren't going to spend the rest of our lives in the hospital with her.

And now she is so big; growing fast, learning faster. She is incredibly perceptive and sharp as a tack. I love spending time with her, talking to her and hearing her views on the world. What an amazing young lady she is growing to be!

It was a spectacular birthday, if I may say so myself. I can only hope that Elie thinks so too, though I'm pretty sure she does due to the fact that she was so happy/excited/wound up that she could not get to sleep tonight.

Since the beginning of the school year, Elie has been talking about how special it would be if I would come to school and have lunch with her on her birthday. It clearly was a very important and special occurrence. So, Dadam arranged to be home with the others, so that I could go to school and have lunch with Elie. Elie had also requested that I make some brownies and bring them to school as a special after lunch treat.

In I went, with brownies and books for reading after lunch. It was so fun to sit with Elie and see what her lunchtime consists of. Many people complimented me on how helpful and polite she is. She was confident and excited to show me the ropes. In some ways it was hard to see how well she functions without me, though I know this is the way of the world and what all parents ultimately want for their children, and in many ways I was proud of and impressed with her. We talked about her day and her schedule. She told me what books she wanted me to read to the class. She helped me pass out the brownie treat that I had made. She thanked me many times for bringing it. After lunch we headed back to the class where I read the books she picked. They were a big hit with her classmates. I kissed her goodbye and headed home.

When she got home from school she played with her siblings, self-motivated and did her homework, and played some more. She was thrilled to recieve all sorts of phone calls wishing her a happy birthday. G-Daddy came over and ate dinner with the family and stayed to watch present opening and, of course, have cake. Elie requested a strawberry, vanilla ice cream cake with pink, purple and yellow flowers. And of course, that's what she got!

Wow, seven. It just seems so much bigger than six. It will be an amazing year, I am sure, full of challenges and growing, learning and love and laughter. Hold my hand and we'll do it together. Happy Birthday, Big Girl Elie!

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