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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dentina Fairina

Of course, directly after I blogged about doubty-mustafa, she lost another tooth. Yesterday, MissElie lost her third tooth. It got quite loose on Sunday afternoon when Dadam attempted to yank it out, but didn't quite manage to. (It was my opinion that it wasn't *really* ready, but Dadam was all to happy to oblige Elie's desire for it to be out of her mouth, with a good hard YANK.)

Elie was VERY nervous that it was going to fall out and she was going to eat it and worried it the whole rest of the day, but didn't want anyone else to try and pull it out. She worried it during dinner, "has it fallen out? Oh, I don't want to swallow my tooth again!" She worried it during teeth brushing, "I can't brush over there, what if my tooth falls out and I swallow it?" And she worried it right before bed, "What if my tooth falls out in my SLEEP? Then I will swallow it and I won't have it to give to the tooth fairy?!?!?!"

(I didn't realize that she was really so concerned about the swallowing situation. She seemed okay - not thrilled, but okay - with it when she unintentionally swallowed the last one. And I truly had no idea that she was THIS distressed about the possibility of it happening again!)

Monday morning, when we woke up, there was no question but that it needed to come out. She could push it backwards so that it was perpendicular to the other teeth. It came right out when I gently pulled. Oh she was So Excited! We put it in a safe place and off she went to school.

While she was at school, I did some quick internet searches for ideas, settled on beaded barettes and made a trip to the craft store; all so that I could create a magical tooth fairy gift!

She came home and asked for an envelope. Then she put her tooth in and drew an adorable picture of herself and the tooth fairy. She also wrote a brief note to the tooth fairy asking to know her name! This seemed to be Very Important because we had about three conversations discussing what name the tooth fairy might have.

Dadam and I didn't quite know what to do. I didn't want to respond, but he thought since she was so curious that we should. We ended up writing a nice note and letting her know that the tooth fairy's name is "Dentina Fairina."

This morning she woke up and came into my room. "Mommy, the envelope is gone from underneath my pillow! But there is nothing there...." I got up and walked with her into her room where I "spotted" the note and gifts. Oh she was so excited! She was thrilled to know the tooth fairy's name. Even Isaac was happy to say it. He went around singing "Dentina Fairrrrrina" in a high pitched voice and rolling the "r". The barettes were also a hit (thank goodness) though I didn't get a good picture today. I'll have to take one tomorrow.

Whoohoo! The tooth fairy is back. For now. ;-)

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