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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guessing...It Works Everytime

Yesterday we went out to dinner. I had a horrible day, culminating with a sobbing breakdown on the phone to Adam, while I was sitting in the garage and the children were playing in the house. Part of the reason I was crying is that I hadn't managed to get together anything for dinner, nor had I managed to even get to the grocery. (It was a long and mangled day, don't ask.)

We went to a chinese place and at the end of dinner we all got fortune cookies. Everyone cracked their cookies open and the readers read their fortunes and the non-readers had someone read to them. Adam had read me Leila's but Elie picked it up and read it out loud. She read "You will be a great ventriloquist later in life."

You can probably guess that this is, in fact, NOT what the fortune read. A few tries later she finally managed to sound out the word that was *really* written on the paper.

"You will be a great philanthropist later in life."

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