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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Non-Believer (or Too Smart for Her Own Good)

Yesterday, Isaac came home from school and we were chatting.  All of a sudden he revealed to me that Elie does NOT believe in the tooth fairy.

"Yeah, Elie doesn't believe the tooth fairy is real.  She thinks that it's you.  And she thinks that you are giving her old toys, from when you were a kid."

WOW!  I was shocked.  She has seemed so excited both times the tooth fairy came.  And excited to see what she brought and to play with the stuff.  She still seems excited about loosing teeth and seeing what the tooth fairy will deliver.  I asked Isaac what he thought and he said "Well, I don't know.  Are you?"

When Elie came home from school we were on the couch snuggling and talking about her day.  At a quiet point in our snuggling I asked her exactly what she thought about the whole situation.

"I just don't understand how the tooth fairy could possibly be real.  How could she get small enough to get into our house.  It just doesn't make sense.  So, it must be you.  Or maybe you are letting the tooth fairy in at night.  Are you letting her in?"

I just did the old "What do you think?" trick.  I'm not really sure she's convinced I'm not.  At first I was a little sad about the whole situation.  But then I realized I'm proud of the fact that she has thought it through, thoroughly and honestly.  I'm also happy that she likes the magic and mysteriousness of it enough to let it ride, even though she has serious (and legitimate doubts).

My verdict is that we'll just keep on trading teeth for presents.  And I hope that she's smart enough to keep her guesses mostly to herself so that the others get a chance to enjoy the magic.

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