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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thighs of Steel

About two weeks ago I got a bike trailer so that I could ride and pull Talia and Leila. I had been jogging everday and my knees were starting to feel it. I wanted to do something that moved a little faster than walking and so I decided a bike trailer was the way to go. That led to the purchase of a new bike for me, since the one I had needed some major TLC to make it nice to ride again.

Elie and Isaac got very excited about riding their bikes too and so we did some riding around the neighborhood. The rides around the neighborhood weren't very long, just a couple of miles at most, but everyone did really well and really enjoyed themselves.

Then came a gorgeous, beautiful, just-right-spring day. And a friend of ours, suggested that we meet at a shopping center for some playtime. And that we all bike there! So we got on our bikes and got on a bike trail and they got on their bikes and got on the same trail and we started riding towards each other.

I had ridden that trail to the aforementioned shopping center a week previous and while it had seemed like a long ride it didn't seem like *too* long a ride. I didn't know how long it was because I hadn't been able to make the gps do what I wanted it to.

We started out and the kids did great! We got there and met our friends, though we didn't get to go to the shopping center because it took us about and hour and fifteen minutes to get there. So we turned around and went home. The trip home felt a bit longer. Isaac was a trooper and was biking so fast that he stayed about 15 feet in front of Elie the whole way home. Elie had a bit of a hard time, but with some loud singing of made-up-songs by mommy, she made it.

When we got home, I checked the gps. It said we had gone..... TWELVE MILES!!!!

At first I was concerned that I had possibly hurt the kids. (I don't know how I would have hurt them, but mommy-brain isn't *so* logical sometimes.) Then I was a bit worried that I may have put them off bike riding forever. Thankfully neither of these worries were real. And we can't wait for another beautiful day to have another super-adventure!

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