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Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Miss Independent

A few weeks ago when we all had our horrid bout of sickness, Talia was the first one to get sick. It started early on Friday morning. I woke up and heard her running the water for a very long time. I stuck my head in the bathroom and asked her what was going on. "I was washing out my hair," she told me. "Why did your hair need washing out?" I said. "Well, it was yucky." "Why was it yucky?" "I accidentally got barf in it when I was throwing up last night."

What the? Back up here a second! I was shocked, surprised, sad..... "You threw up last night?" "Yes, I threw up twice." "Did you make it into the bathroom? Is there a mess in your bed or on the carpet?" "No, I made it to the potty both times and then I just went back to bed."

Oh I was sooooo sad. I didn't hear her, I didn't even know she was up. Of course, the situation isn't helped by the fact that she is a virtually soundless barfer. Sher makes. no. noise. I know that I can't *make* her ask for help, but it really bothered (bothers) me that my not-quite-four year old didn't want/need/get my help when she was throwing up in the middle of the night. Not only did she not get my help *while* it was going on, she didn't immediately come find me after she was done.

Later that day we were talking about asking for help and how Elie and Isaac both still need/want help when they throw up and how it is not very safe to throw up alone, etc, etc. Talia looks at me and says "When I am four, I won't need your help anymore."

Oh My Goodness!! Can it get any worse?? I know that they reach a point where they are all of a sudden, very clearly, much more independent than they were before. But I don't remember it being so, well, in my face as it has been with Talia.

Of course, we're still seeing lots of her dislike of confict and her desire that no one be upset with her. She has quickly learned the benifits of apologizing directly after she gets called on not-so-desireable behavior. She was having a screaming-mimi the other day when we were out to lunch and so Adam took her to the car. When I got out, the first thing she did was to apologize to me. I just wanted to break down and give her what she was having a screaming-mimi about. She looks up at me with her huge blue eyes and I definitely find it difficult to resist.

I wonder what other surprises our quiet little Lu-Lu has in store for us. Hopefully, though, she doesn't try too many, more advanced "do-it-myself" stunts.

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