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Monday, April 13, 2009

Not the Happiest of Birthdays

Oh my goodness. My littlest child turned two last Thursday! It is a strange and alternate reality I find myself in these days. I've never had a kiddo turn two and not have a next younger sibling already around. My baby isn't *really* a baby and I've got no more babies coming. It's totally and completely the way it should be, four *is* enough for me!, but it is a bit sad and very strange.

It is a good thing that Leila will probably NOT remember this birthday, as I'm sure it will go down as one of the worst birthdays she'll have. First, her birthday fell on the second night of Passover this year. For those in the readership who aren't aware, during Passover, Jews do not eat anything that has wheat, oats, spelt, barley or rye in it, other than flat, tasteless crackers called matzoh. This means that the traditional birthday celebration treats have to be reworked so they do not include forbidden substances. It's not impossible, but it's often difficult and sometimes the results are less than satisfactory. (Shout out to my friends who create amazing gluten free cakes and the like to treat their wheat-intolerant offspring.) So, though not a kiss of death to a fun birthday, Passover definitely creates a bump in the road.

The second issue was one that there was no fun way around. We caught some sort of terrible plague that involved puking (and LOTS of it), diarrhea and a fever, just a few days before Leila's birthday. Then we were finally getting through that lovely piece of illness, when the kids started complaining of sore throats. I got one as well and so, on Leila's birthday, we got the diagnoses of strep throat for everyone!

Thursday night, Noodle was so sick and feeling so ill she didn't want cake, she didn't want dinner, she barely even expressed interest in opening her presents. She kept clutching her tummy and crying that she wanted to go "nap! Nap!! Nap. In. My. Bed!" So we put her, and everyone else, to bed. It was a bit sad and anticlimactic.

Since then we've had birthday "cake" with friends and sang and did candles. We are also planning on making another cake when Passover is over; partly because it's fun to create birthday cakes, partly because I feel guilty about how the first birthday went and partly because I'm sad that my last wee one is two.

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