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Monday, May 4, 2009

Lost and Found

On Saturday we took a family outing downtown to the US Postal Museum. It was fascinating! We got to see a history of the postal service in the United States, all sorts of stamps and some interesting exibits on how the postal serivce works today. There was much of the museum that was over the kids' heads, but Elie and Isaac *got* some of it and found it interesting to boot.

One of the exibits made a mailing that the kids could then take home as a souvenier and there was another exibit where they could print a personalized postcard. We made sure that everyone got one of their own mailing AND got a chance to make their own postcard.

As we were getting off the Metro at our stop, Elie realized that her mailing was missing. She went into full on panic mode and she and Adam searched for a few seconds, but then had to rush off the Metro (lest they be carried to the next stop). Elie was heartbroken and began to cry. Talia rushed over and gave her a huge hug. "It's alright, Elie" she said, "I'll share mine with you! Don't cry! I'll share mine with you!." She clung to Elie as Elie sobbed. It was so heartbreaking and sweet all at the same time. Talia kept repeating that Elie could share hers and that she didn't have to cry.

Elie calmed down and we walked to the car. Everyone got situated in their seats and we got ready to head home. Adam looked down and saw one of the mailings from the museum. He opened it up and there were Elie's two postcards she had made! No one is quite sure when the mixup ocurred, but Elie's envelope was safe.

Oh. How I love my beautiful children!

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