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Friday, May 22, 2009

Oregon Adventures

Last post I mentioned that we have recently returned from a fabulous vacation to the lovely state of Oregon. We were there primarily to witness the legal union of my sister and her now-husband Don. And we were there secondarily to visit and have a great time. Happily enough we accomplished both our goals and had a super visit. Well, it was super most of the time, except for the time when we had sick offspring, which happened to be the whole time, BUT.....we used lots of ibuprofen and tylenol and just dragged the sick kids around anyway. (We are *totally* cruel parents!)

The truth is the kids *did* get sick. And true to form in my house, every.single.child. got whatever we were passing around. First to go down was Talia, then Leila, Elie got it after we were already down in Roseburg and Isaac brought up the rear. They had a fever, everyone threw up at least once while they had it, chills and generally more tired than usual. We did discover that when the fever was down, they felt much better. And since we had spent lots of money to visit the people we were seeing, I felt like it was okay to use modern chemistry to achieve at least the feeling of well being for my children.

It was lovely to see Aunt Kiwi and Uncle Don get married. And it was lovely to get to spend so much time with them. Uncle Don brought out sidewalk chalk for the kids the first morning we were there and they had a blast! He was always sought out whenever hand holding was called for and he was generally very popular. Leila said recently in the car "Uncle Don MINE!" They just loved being with him. The day we went to the zoo, I think Isaac held Uncle Don's hand the whole time. (Kudos to Uncle Don for not putting up with any of Isaac's monkey business!)

We got to go to the ocean twice; once was cloudy and cold, once was so windy everything was blowing away. The kids had a great time both times. They don't care about the weather, for the most part. They just want to collect stuff from the sand, dig, stick their toes in the water and run around exploring.

We got to see lots of extended family and spend tons of time with GranEde and GranDude. It was GREAT!

I have to say, one of the best parts, is that the kids are completely comfortable with GranEde and GranDude. One morning, Adam and I got to sleep in, together, while the kids got breakfast with their grandparents and played! We also got to take a walk together and go shopping, all sans munchkins!!! Oh it was spectacular. It's so nice to go and know that the kids are so comfortable. They are able to ask for what they want and get tons of love and attention. I just love seeing it in action (and reaping the bennies too!).

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