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Saturday, May 30, 2009

So Much To Say

Leila has been having a bit of a language explosion, as of late. She will repeat anything she hears at least once and usually many times over. Sometimes we can tell what she is saying and sometimes not so much. It is so adorable to watch her when she is trying to say something that has more syllables than she is used to saying though. She purses her lips, opens her mouth wide, then starts moving her lips in an very exaggerated way, mouthing the sounds of the word she's attempting to say.

Her sentences still sound a little funny. She often skips "extraneous" words. "What doing?" she says to Elie. "You done mowin'?" she'll say to Dadam. She says "Come play, after done," as she points to whatever we are working on and lets us know what she wants. She has now moved from "chappy" for ketchup to "chap-up". But she can say "tweasure chest" as clear as day. We've recently moved from "me done" to "I'm done" and she's been saying "I'm hungwy" for weeks now. She often yells "You guys!" if the bigs are doing something and not paying attention to her. And when she says "Whatdaheck" (the best is when it is situationally appropriate) and it always makes us all laugh. I love hearing her say "Love you vewy much." It is adorable.

She announced the other day that she was going to go to school. I asked "What do you do at school?" She said "Centers!" (Centers is how the three bigs describe the rotating programs they do at school, so it is clear she is listening to what is going on!) And occasionally she breaks out with "Funny man, Mommy, Funny Man!!! hahahahahaha" No one really knows what *that* is about.

I often wish I could bottle this time between baby talk and full sentences. It is life distilled into what is most important, urgent or foremost in a two-year-old's mind. Sometimes it doesn't seem *so* profound. "Poop came ooouut, Mommy!" But it is always about what is important to her, in that moment.

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