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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Treasure Chest

At school both Elie and Isaac have "treasure chests" in their classrooms. These are boxes stocked with little tchochkes and kitch that the kids can earn by getting stamps. They get stamps for good behavior, ie not talking during "centers", being quiet when they are lined up to leave the classroom, and generally doing what they are supposed to do. It's not my favorite way to encourage kids to behave. I actually think it's not really a good strategy to bribe children and reward them for behavior they ought to be exhibiting any way. Regardless, now I'm getting off my soapbox, the kids do earn trips to the treasure chests and then they bring home little "treasures".

Most of the toys are small and a bit of a hassle. Elie, in particular, becomes very attached to them and then proceeds to loose them around the house. It doesn't help that she has a habit of picking out the tiniest of toys. A while back Elie picked out a rubbery, sticky lizard. She promptly named it "Lizzie" after the classroom lizard in the Magic School Bus book series. Lizzie got carried everywhere. They made beds for it and hospitals and garages and.... It quickly became the go to toy for EVERYONE, which made a bit of a problem because there was just one toy and four children.

Then.....they discovered that the lizard would stick to the ceiling if it was thrown hard enough. We'd walk into a room or hallway and the whole group of children would be jumping up and down and laughing hysterically while pointing at the ceiling; Adam or I would look up and there would be Lizzie, stuck to the ceiling.

After that, sticky lizards, spiders and frogs became the choice du jour out of the treasure chest. And then throwing them up so they got stuck on the ceiling became the activity du jour. Of course, when something gets stuck on the ceiling, it has to be retrieved and so the children have become professionals at throwing pillows and other soft-ish items, in the air to knock the sticky animals/insects down.

I remember sticking things to the ceiling and I remember it being hysterical. Now, though, I can not remember WHY it was so funny.

Ah well, the mysteries of the minds of children. I suppose I shouldn't complain, it does keep them fairly occupied.


  1. Ha!!! The "living ice" blue goo! The "living rock" red putty stuck to the ceiling...we thought we would get away with it...until we saw the stain it left!! HAHAHA!

  2. I do believe I have never seen the word "tchochkes" written down -- cute story! Your kids are just terrific!