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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Broadband, Boxes, Busy Bees...B, B, B

We have household goods!! We have broadband!!!!! We have our mini-van (well, not exactly, it's here in country and we pick it up on Monday, but it is coming and verrry soon!)!!!!! What a chaotic, messy, exciting time it has been in our house this week.

Our household goods arrived on Tuesday. It was a very long day for a couple of reasons. First reason was that the packers in Virginia did a downright terrible job packing the boxes and crates. There were many things that were not on the inventory, many items were not packed in boxes, some items were left loose in the crates!! Stuff was damaged, scratched, and messed up. They made a very difficult job for the guys unpacking on this end, by leaving all the furniture with stuff in it and some of the furniture oddly packed (like kitchen chairs turned upside down with stuff shoved into the space under the seat and wrapped up in paper). Second reason was that the truck wouldn't fit on to our street. So they had to open the crates, unload them into a van, drive the van to our house and unload the van. It was a long and painful process. It was a mess. I found the whole thing extremely overwhelming and really dissapointing. Bah. By the time they were done off loading the truck on Tuesday, I was a mess.

On the upside, the kids did an outstanding job being banished to the outside for the entire day. They played happily in the backyard, watched the movers come and go and were generally really good. They were thrilled when they saw the trikes come off the truck and promptly asked for them to be brought outside. They rode around on them forever! Then when the two wheelers got off-loaded, Elie and Isaac promptly wanted an upgrade to those. They really did a great job staying out of the way and letting Adam and I focus on getting all the stuff into the house.

First room we started to unpack was the kitchen. I always feel like I want that space to be the first thing done because cooking and eating a family meal together helps me feel like I'm home. I don't know if it helps the kids, but I think they eat better when we are all sitting at a table and eating together. We got a lot of the kitchen done on Tuesday, but it wasn't quite finished. We stopped working on the kitchen so that we could get the beds put together.

I was really tired of sleeping on the floor and I think Adam was too. We weren't just on the floor, we were in our double sleeping bag and on some camping mats so it wasn't too terrible. But I was really tired of it. I wanted a bed. So, we found the bed parts (a challenge since they had just taken them apart and wrapped the hardware in paper and left it loose in the crates) and the tools (also a challenge since the boxes are mostly mislabeled) and we put together the kids' beds. Once we got them settled, we went and put our bed together. After a hunt for sheets, mattress pad and blankets we got settled. It was wonderful to be in our own beds again!!!

Wednesday, Adam was able to take a half day off to come home and help out. We finished the kitchen and made headway on the kids' rooms. Everything was just such a mess, it really was hard to feel like we made any progress.

By Thursday it was starting to look more put together, but I was having a very frustrating issue. I would unpack some stuff and try to get it put away and the kids would come along to play with, move, examine or take apart whatever I had just taken care of! I felt like I was doing everything twice. I know that they were very excited to see their toys, but nothing was holding their attention for longer than 20-30 minutes. They would come in, carry something away, and then be back for something else before I had gotten a place for it figured out!

I finally was so frustrated that on Friday morning I kicked them out of the play room completely. We dumped all the loose toys there and I figured out where all of them could go. Of course, it's a complete wreck now, but everything has a place AND there are NO boxes in that room. There are actually no boxes in their sleeping room either and no boxes in the kitchen. The bathrooms are all sorted as well. Forward progress is being made. The next huge task will be to sort out the basement and then there's just the garage to tidy. It seems like we will be able to make this place livable after all!

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