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Friday, August 21, 2009

By the Sea, By the Sea, To Sewerby

(I'm going to attempt to do a blog post about every place we visit. It won't be a ton of information, but at least it'll be sharing what we do. I didn't post about this first outing, so I'm going back in time and writing a post about the first family trip we did. There is one more outing that we took with my parents and I'll write about that another time!)

We decided to drive to the "east coast" on Sunday, August 2nd. Dadam looked through our tour book and found a cool old estate (built in 1714) that has parts of the original house still open to walk through. The estate is called Sewerby Hall and it now has a small zoo, large play area, beautiful gardens, golf, putt-putt and is *right* on the ocean. The day we picked to go there, they were having a family picnic day with puppet shows, musical acts, face painting and other especially family friendly activities. It sounded like it would be lots of fun.

The drive was beautiful and we did a couple of caches on the way, stopping and doing some caches that gave us the chance to ramble (a term the British use to describe taking hikes on public footpaths). We got to Sewerby and toured the zoo and the house. The house was amazing and it was really cool to enter the hall and see that the marble entryway and giant staircase were original to the house! We were standing on stuff that was built over three hundred years ago. (Way cool!) They had some exhibits about the house, unfortunately they haven't made the kitchen open to the public, but they had pictures. We also saw some interesting history about Sewerby Hall itself.

After we were finished with the inside, we went and walked through the flower gardens. They were really beautiful. There was a smaller rose garden and then a larger garden that had shaped bushes and groomed flower beds, with gravel paths running through it. There were tons of butterflies and beautiful blooms.

We took a brief stop for some ice cream, which was delicious. Apparently the Brits feel like buying delicious ice cream at the grocery and having it at home, to eat whenever, is too extravagant. But it seems to be okay to have delicious ice cream when on an outing. One wouldn't want to overindulge oneself. ;-)

Post ice cream, we took a walk down to the ocean. Sewerby Hall sits a short walk to some beautiful cliffs and we feared that we wouldn't get to walk down to the water, but we found some stairs and climbed down. It wasn't a sandy beach, it was a white chalk rock beach, but the kids were just as happy to stand and throw rocks in the water as they would have been to sit and play in the sand. As we were walking down the stairs, Isaac said "Ooooh, it smells just like the beach in Oregon!"
It was really a glorious day and fun to go out and explore. We were lucky to have no rain and beautiful sunshine most of the day. A great start to our adventures!

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  1. I love your adventure posts! It is so wonderful to hear about all your cool trips and places you go. Someday we can all go together! Love you!