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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Funny Bits of Yesterday

"If my necks gets cut open and bloods come out, then I will get a new neck." - Leila

"Abra-da-raga" - how Leila says Abracadabra

"I'm a girl and you are....spiderman. I'm girl spider." - Leila
Isaac said "Do you mean spidergirl?" "Yeah! I am spider girl!"

Elie, Isaac and Talia have all gotten back into telling knock-knock jokes, but none of them make sense (or are funny, for that matter). But they think they are hilarious. Except when one of them tells a bomb and no one laughs and then one of them says "not funny" and quickly moves on.

Yesterday we went to the west coast. It was a glorious day, full of sunshine. The beach where we were has a very gradual slope and so it does not have severe undertow. We took the kids' pants off and let them splash around in the sand and surf. They had a great time! And Adam and I really enjoyed just watching them enjoy the ocean.

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