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Monday, August 17, 2009

Have Car, Will Travel

Today we picked up our beloved Odz from the base where Adam works. It was a happy day. We drove Adam to work, picked up the van, moved the car seats from the British car into Odz and the kids and I were in business!

The car we bought for a commuter is one that does have six seats, however, it is not *really* big enough for those six seats and the back row doesn't have very much room at.all. When Elie got into Odz this morning, she said "Why is there so much room back here?" It was so cute. Everyone was happy to have our spacious car back.

I was really happy to have it because I think driving on the left side of the road is much easier when I am sitting on the left side of the car! I had driven several times in the right hand drive car and done just fine. But I felt much more comfortable driving around today in Odz.

Now we are really ready to get started on our sightseeing and road-tripping! UK here we come!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Dude! I am so glad for you to get your vehicle! Huzzah! I am also glad that the unpacking is moving along for you. It was great to talk to you Sunday! Love you!