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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Now We Are Six!

Dear Isaac,

Last weekend was Rosh Hashana. You were lucky this year because your birthday fell in between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, so you got to celebrate by doing *normal* birthday things instead of going to synagogue all day. We had gone to services and you insisted on wearing your suit, replete with vest, tie and coat. After we got home, Dadam sent you upstairs to get your clothes changed so we could eat lunch. Time passed and you were very quiet, so he went upstairs to see what you were doing. He walked into the bathroom and there you were, pants down around your ankles, shirt unbuttoned with tie, vest and coat still on, squatting down and putting together a puzzle on the floor. My guess is that you had been staring at the puzzle while slowly getting undressed and when you noticed two pieces that went together, you were unable to resist squatting down and putting them together. Then you noticed more pieces and got lost in the puzzle, forgetting entirely about getting your clothes changed.

This story illustrates so much about you and I never know whether I should laugh or pull my hair out. You are so incredibly smart and curious. You are constantly asking questions and observing; I know you keep a mental list of EVERYTHING that goes on around you. You read anything and everything you can get your hands on; recently you read "James and the Giant Peach" in one weekend. And not only do you read it, but you ruminate on it, digest it and share it in completely random situations! On the other hand, you seem to have a complete inability to focus on anything that is banal. You haven't quite figured out that you have to do the ordinary stuff before you can go on and do the stuff you really want to do. And I suppose this is totally normal for a 5/6 year old boy, but it probably makes me crazier because you *can* be so motivated.

I do get irritated, though, and part of me thinks you don't fully understand it. You have grown into such a happy-go-lucky kiddo, willing to do just about anything and go anywhere. And you can't fathom why I have worked myself up into a froth just because I've asked you to put your shoes on and walk in to find you with one sock on and kicking a ball.

In fact, I think there's a lot about other people you don't understand. You have an innocence about you; you can explain and understand so much (especially what you've read about), but sometimes you just don't understand why people act the way they do. Because of this I do worry a bit (moms always do, you know) that the other kids (particularly the boys) will bully you or influence you into behaving differently. However, I've lately observed that part of your strength lies in the fact that you can't/don't understand aggressive behavior and you don't like being around it, which means you're not really interested in adopting it.

All that being said, your innocence has not caused you any problems fitting in at school. I was a bit concerned about how you would react to the huge upheaval that moving across an ocean and into a different culture would be. But you have taken it all in stride, with your happy-go-lucky self, and inserted yourself right in. You have taken up soccer with a passion and bring a ball with you everyday to school. You are learning the slang left and right and "practice" soccer outside when we get home after school. When I go to drop you off in the morning, there are always other kids calling your name and asking you play with them. You seem like you've always been there, an American kid in the midst of Yorkshire.

You continue to be incredibly tender towards your sisters. You and Talia now have lunch recess time together and during the first week of school she couldn't find you on the playground and became hysterical. Another student helped her find you and you told us that evening that you "gave her a big hug, until she stopped crying" and then you "tickled her." And in the shower the other day you tenderly and gently helped her rinse the shampoo out of her hair when she didn't want my help. I love watching you love your sisters.

You are funny and observant, intelligent and kind, physical and impulsive and just right. I only hope that I can keep answering your random questions, "How did plants and animals and trees and people grow on earth? Did we really all come from the same stuff?" (which was followed by a series of questions about prison and if apologizing for what you did got you released) and to try to take a deep breath when you can't focus on the banalities of everyday life. I can hardly believe that you are six already. I was so afraid when you were born, so concerned that I wouldn't know how to raise a boy. But here you are, growing up before my very eyes into one very cool person.
Happy Birthday, Isaac!
I love you so much, my beautiful, precious, brilliant boy!

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