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Monday, September 14, 2009

Pump Room Museum

Waaaay back in the beginning of July, the first week we were here, we took an afternoon adventure to a fun museum in Harrogate. I never did write about it and so I guess I better catch up!

Harrogate is a spa town. In the late 16th century a very large number of mineral springs were discovered near the town. Many physicians began to prescribe mineral waters as a way to cure many ailments and so towns like Harrogate drew huge numbers of people seeking treatment from the waters. The popularity of drinking extremely gross smelling and tasting mineral water faded and towns like Harrogate had to come up with other ways to draw people in. Nowadays, Harrogate is known for its fabulous shopping and the Stray. It is a beautiful town.

The main pump house has been turned into a beautiful little museum. It talks about the history of Harrogate, the pumps and the treatments (and treatment facilities) that depended on the medicinal waters.

The museum was very interesting. There was a section about Egyptology because many upper class Brits became very interested in it and had large collections of Egyptian artifacts. There was a worksheet that Elie and Isaac got to fill out that helped them learn about what they were looking at in that exhibit. Elie did it all with relish and Isaac lost interest about halfway through. While I was doing that with the older two, GranEde and GranDude took Talia and Leila down to the dress up section. They got the chance to try on quite a few different outfits and looked adorable! When Isaac and Elie were done, we went down and they got to try on the costumes too.

(Isaac refused to put on the *boy* costumes and was pretty much only interested in wearing this.....and holding the parisol.)

At the end we all took a swig of the gross, ahem, strongly flavored mineral waters. We were burping sulfur for quite a while after that. Blarg. Anyway, it was a very nice afternoon learning a bit about the history of Harrogate!


  1. i still have a post to make from a trip we did in the middle of July... glad i have company! Great pics! (G has insisted on wearing a barrette in his hair lately like Genni does.... then gets mad when it falls out.)

  2. So fun to see the pics and remember. Thanks