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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Daze

The kids have now had three full days of school. They are, from all accounts, loving it. Today we did start to see some exhaustion creeping in, though and so it will be interesting to see how much of a mess they are by the end of the week.

Talia has been settling in very nicely. She was a little hesitant to let me leave on the first day and not at all hesitant today or yesterday. Today she was exhausted by the time I picked her up and so she promptly burst into tears as soon as she saw me. (The given reason for the tears was that her extra orange from snack had disappeared, but I knew she was just plain old tired.) But she still wanted to go back tomorrow, which is a good sign.

Elie and Isaac are making friends and learning their way around very quickly. I think Isaac is feeling unsettled because it is different, but he also is enjoying himself. He doesn't really do change all that well and so I am unsurprised that he is a bit sad that school is different here. All that being said, he felt comfortable enough to raise his hand during a school wide assembly and answer, in front of everyone, a question the head teacher asked. So I think he feels fairly comfortable. And Elie is just doing smashingly. She likes her teacher, enjoys the other girls in the class and really is settling in very well.

We've had nothing but good reports from each of the kids and that makes me feel very relieved. I've also had assurances from the teachers that the kids will be assessed and given the proper set of challenges in reading and maths. I have high hopes that this year will be a lot less worksheet oriented and much more hands on learning. We'll see what happens.

Leila and I are doing just fine. She definitely notices that the big kids aren't around, but she has been enjoying the concentrated mommy time that she's getting all of a sudden. She is also thrilled when we go to pick them up in the afternoon. I am getting adjusted to not having them home with me. The house is awfully quiet, but I have been getting a *bit* more done than I had been. As in all things, it's bittersweet and all about trade offs.

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  1. Sis, I am so glad things are going well for the kiddos! I am sure it is a little strange for them...but I know they can do it! Love you!