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Sunday, September 6, 2009

This is the Way We Go To School

Tomorrow Elie, Isaac and Talia all have their very first day of school! OH.MY.GOODNESS. I have gotten them their uniforms; blue skirts/trousers, white button up shirts, blue sweatshirts, ties, black shoes, socks/tights, the proper gym kit (or uniform) and the requisit bags. I have labled everything. We've been working with Elie and Isaac on learning their Aleph-Bet so they won't be too far behind and they have done smashingly. And now the big day is finally here!

They are all so incredibly excited, they are almost beside themselves. Everytime anyone mentions school all three of them start up with such an amazing noise! The expression of said excitement usually contains, but is not limited to: singing, yelling, dancing, screaming and the occasional clapping of hands. It is quite impressive. I think Talia may be feeling a little more nervousness than she lets on in public. She'll be going to school full time for the first time (and a year younger than she would have been in the US). It is quite a big transition. But the excitement of the older two seems to have carried her quite well. And I am sure that once she gets there and gets settled into a routine, all her reservations will evaporate.

Elie had a bad dream that her teacher got mad at her for not remembering the teacher's name. Isaac is just excited to have a man teacher! Talia isn't too sure about changing for gym, but is very much looking forward to buying lunch and being able to sit in the same big room as Elie and Isaac.

I am feeling quite nervous myself. I don't know how Talia will do. I feel quite afraid that she will be upset, but I hope not. Is she really big enough for this? Will she be alright? Is this the right choice for her?!?!?

Thankfully, Adam will be with me tomorrow as he gets the day off. Each kid has to go to a different door in the school. They change shoes and leave their gym kits in the cloak room, everyday. So we'll all go together and that will be very nice.

But poor Leila is so sad. Anytime I get out any of the uniform stuff for the big kids, she says "Where mine? I go to school! Where mine for school?!?!" And when we went and picked up the school bags, she started crying that she didn't have one just like theirs! We may have to let her pack a backpack tomorrow morning and hopefully that will avoid a meltdown. I don't know what she is going to do with herself. She and Talia have been fast and tight as of late. They are always together and always coming up with incredibly inventive, intricate, imaginary storylines. She is going to be completely lost when they are not at home with her all day long. Come to think of it, I might be lost too.

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