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Monday, November 23, 2009

All By Myself

When I take the kids to school, they all have separate entrances to go to. Each Year has their own cloakroom, where the kids switch from outdoor to indoor shoes (this I don't quite understand, but it is the system nonetheless), take off their coats and head inside. Elie has been walking herself to her cloakroom since the second week of school, when she assured me she could get in by herself. After giving Elie a kiss and seeing her off, we deliver Isaac to his cloakroom, give him a kiss good bye and then Leila and I walk Talia to her cloakroom.

Before the last two days, I would come in to Talia's cloakroom with her, watch while she took off her coat and changed her shoes; then after giving her a kiss and a hug, she'd go into her class and we would head home. But on Friday something changed.

She told me she didn't want me to come in the cloakroom! "Can I go down to my classroom by myself?" she asked as we were walking towards Isaac's cloakroom. I was a bit uncomfortable with sending her alone, so I asked if I could walk her down, but not come in the cloakroom. "Okay!" she said.

Then today she did the same thing and I was relegated to standing in the courtyard, waiting for her to wave goodbye. And we did and Leila and I went.

I'm actually okay with this. It means that Talia is comfortable and happy. It means she feel secure in the knowledge that she can do these things for herself and I will still be there. It means she asked me for some space and I can respect her by giving it to her.

But it is a little cold standing in the courtyard. Maybe it was just the wind that caused my eyes to tear up as I waved goodbye through the window.

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