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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wiggle Teeth

(I have added pictures to the Edinburgh post, so go back and take a look!)

Elie has been wiggling her teeth a lot lately. And Leila is enamored with "wiggle teeth" as she calls them. "Mom, I am not big for wiggle teeth." she says. Or when I see her with her hands in her mouth and ask what she is doing. "I'm checking for wiggle teeth."

Yesterday morning Elie came to me and said, "Look, Mom, when I bend this tooth back there's a hole!!!" (Barf, I thought to myself.) Out loud I said, "Come here and let me pull that tooth out."

This tooth had been loose for ages! Years ago, Elie had fallen and managed to hit that tooth on the ground. It had turned grey for a while and since then had always been just a bit wiggly. Recently it had gotten quite wiggly and for the last week or so, it was hanging down a good 1/4 inch longer than the rest of her teeth. But she would absolutely not hold still for me to yank it out. Every time I gave a test pull, she would wince and dance away.

I did tell her that I thought there was a good chance she would eat the tooth, like she did her second tooth, and sort of talked her into letting me pull. It was out before she knew it (and before we had to leave for school)!

Last night the tooth fairy came and left two pair of verrrry fancy socks. They have glittery stones on them and what looks to be hand-made ribbon ruffles around the tops.

And now MissElie has a GIANT hole in her top row of teeth. And she whistles when she speaks.

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