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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of One Holiday and the Start of Another

Sadly, our holiday in London ended more with a whimper than a bang. On Friday it was bitter cold and so we did not do much more exploring on foot. We cached in the morning and then went back to the flat to warm up. Had a nice afternoon playing games and hanging out, then went out for some tea. Saturday we got up and went down to Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey. The sun was peeking out through the clouds and it was beautiful. We wandered around for a bit and crossed the river to have lunch and then head to the London Eye.

When we got over to the Eye, though, we noticed it wasn't turning and there was no one in line. We were told that it was closed due to technical difficulties and that they weren't sure if it would reopen that day. We decided to hang around a bit at a nearby playground to see if it happened to start up while we were still close, but no dice.

The kids were all very disappointed. Elie even had some tears. (They may have been partially due to the fact that she and Isaac did not go to sleep until ten pm the night previous and then were still up at the crack of dawn, but whose to say really.) I promised the kids that we would be back to ride the Eye someday and that we would try and bring GranEde and GranDude. It was so sweet to see how excited they all immediately became when I mentioned sharing that experience with them.

We had tea at a charming French Cafe. I do so love the custom of tea. Who doesn't like a reason to have tea/hot cocoa/coffee and some yummy pastry in the middle of the afternoon??!?!

Sunday we packed up and headed home on a very uneventful train ride. The kids were great, the train was speedy and we all got to sit next to one another.

Now we have another week of school holiday to recuperate. Dadam had to go back to work on Monday, but I think that he might have more of a break there than he gets at home. It has been so fun to hang out with the kids, do projects and just have time to chat.

Yesterday the kids painted a decorate-it-yourself porcelain tea set that we got them for Chanukah. As they were getting on their Nana-made aprons, Isaac remarked to me that "with this apron on, I look like a Fancy Waiter." Talia, of course, got paint on hers. I think that it *might* have been on purpose, but that would be difficult to prove. We wore the aprons again today when we baked cookies; oh they were so nice to have!

Some friends of ours from Virginia also sent presents and included was a copy of a local activity guide that had a picture of their two year old, in ballet class, on the front. Tonight at diner Isaac remarked, "She must be a professional dancer!" And Elie said, "Now we know a famous ballerina!"

We have a busy rest-of-the-week planned with cupcake making and decorating (using the silly feet GranEde and GranDude sent), first piano lesson, a New Years party and other fun activities. But not too scheduled, we do want to enjoy a bit of lazing about during our holiday, part deux!

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