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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Traditions

When I was growing up, we celebrated Christmas. No, not in the religious sense but in a completely secular, cultural way. In the beginning, the celebrations involved a tree and stockings; as we got bigger those traditions were observed less and less. But there were still some traditions that we held on to.

I'm not entirely sure I understand why we "did" Christmas in our Jewish household. But it's not really mine to understand. My parents made the right choices for them and I now understand that the road of parenthood is frought with tradeoffs and bitter-sweet choices. I do know that when we hold memories dear in our hearts, it is only natural to want to share those experiences with our children. And so we pick and choose what we feel we want to share and what we don't.

When Dadam and I got married we discussed and decided that we did not want to "do" Christmas in our house. We would only celebrate the day with family if we lived close to family that celebrated. We would be sharing the celebration with them, not making it our own.

I do admit, there are traditions I miss. I even sort of miss the day of Christmas itself, though I'm completely comfortable with the choices Dadam and I have made. One thing I remember fondly was that we almost always had a huge pan of homemade cinnamon rolls, hot out of the oven, for breakfast on Christmas morning. This is something I'd like to pass on as a tradition, but Judaism doesn't have any morning celebrations that would work with cinnamon rolls!

So, for the past few years, when we've been home, we've made cinnamon rolls for New Year's Day. The kids and I make the sweet dough, get all goopy putting them together and make a couple pans of cinnamon raisin rolls.

Today we made our New Years rolls. We got goopy and had fun. And we are all very excited to wake up in the new year and feast on our old-new tradition.

May your New Year be as sweet as these rolls are going to be! Happy New Year!

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