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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Post Chanukah Wrap Up (or should that be unwrap?)

Just this weekend, I realized that loads of fun stuff went on during Chanukah and I didn't make the time to blog about them. And today we are leaving for a week long trip to London! I know that there will be tons of stuff that I want to blog, so I best do a quick catch-up before I'm buried under an avalanche of adventure.

Chanukah was a beautiful, fun time for our family. We had a menorah for every child and a joint menorah for Dadam and I. This made for a rather large, mostly controlled conflagration on our kitchen counter. We decided that the older three could (and should) light their own menorah's. The first night, Talia got out her shammash (worker candle) and a big drip of wax fell right.on.her.finger. BAH. She was feeling nervous about lighting anyway and that sent her right over the edge. Elie and Isaac did just fine, but after the drip incident Talia refused to light her own. The second night we helped her, though, and she made it through. Third night she did it with less help and by the end she had gotten her confidence back and was doing it all by herself!

At school the kids were learning all sorts of interesting facts and stories about Chanukah and it was great fun to hear them tell us what they learned. I made latkes the first four nights and then I had to give our intestines a break from all that fried food. You would have thought I had announced we were going to start pulling toenails for all the fussing that ensued. But we made it through our latke-less nights and still enjoyed celebrating (shocking, no?). One night, for a special treat, I made funnel cakes. They were a big hit, but I think we'll just stick to them being a Chanukah treat. Oy, the house still smells like peanut oil!

During Chanukah, the kids still had school, but there were all sorts of really fun activities. There was a make-your-own-menorah competition, which everyone wanted to participate in. Elie built a menorah out of recycled materials. She used egg cartons, milk jugs, extract bottles, cardboard boxes and some paint. It was very creative. Talia and Isaac wanted to make menorahs out of play dough, so I went online (the power of the Interwebs!) and found a homemade play dough recipe. It said it could be baked and then painted. Great! I made a batch and the kids got to work. They did a great job. Then we put them in the oven, at the temperature specified and.....they completely fell apart. It was such a bummer! The kids were very game about the whole situation and agreed to make new. I put together another batch of play dough and they made their 2.0 versions. This time I didn't put them in the oven, we just let them air dry over a couple days and then they painted them. Isaac won for his grade, but Elie and Talia did not. Elie was disappointed, but a very good sport about the whole situation. Sadly, we had not gotten the clay menorahs completely dry and the day that Isaac and Talia brought theirs home from school, they catastrophically fell apart. We still haven't thrown away the sad piles of broken menorahs due to some certain folks' separation anxiety. But we're going to have to get rid of it at some point. Maybe I can just sneak the bits off the scene.....

On Tuesday of last week, Elie came home and announced that she had another VERY wiggly tooth. Dadam was home and said "This one's mine! I'm going to pull one out FINALLY!" He went out to the car to get some stuff and Elie headed into the bathroom to "look" at her tooth. Dadam came in and Elie came out of the bathroom and said, "I pulled my OWN tooth! And now there's a thumb sized hole in my mouth." She was so excited. It was quite funny to see the giant gap.

The tooth fairy was a bit panicked because there was NO warning on this one. The tooth had been mildly wiggly for a week, but I didn't think we were anywhere close to lose-time. I had a bit of a panic, but then managed to whip up a couple of fabric bookmarks. Who knew being the tooth fairy would keep me on my toes like that?

During the last week of school, before winter holiday, the kids got to go see a play as a school field trip. They saw a show called a "pantomime". The definition of this type of show (as I understand it) is a play with some songs and audience participation mixed in. The "panto" (yes, they really refer to them as such) was "Cinderella". Dadam picked Talia up from school and asked how the show was. She said, "Daddy, Cinderella was THERE. She is real and we really saw her! She was THERE!" The three bigs all saw the same show, Elie went on a different day, and they had a great time.

Now, school is done for winter holiday. We are getting ready for our Amazing London Adventure. We take the train down this afternoon!

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