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There are four of Them: three girls and one boy, little stair-steps all. There are two of Us: best friends, co-parents and truly in love. The Six of us have epic adventures full of laughter and love, occasionally containing tears, but always together.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(I am going to post a few words to explain what the heck I'm doing.  Except the title should explain it, so I'm just going to send big thanks to Elm for this lovely idea!)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Louse-y Time

As I may have mentioned before, things are different over here in England.  And one thing that is drastically different is their treatment of head lice in school age children!  In America, if you have head lice then you have to get treated and you aren't allowed back in school if there is any sign of nits or eggs.  Here, no one checks, at.all.

So it was, that I found myself watching The Boy-child scratching vigorously at his head during dinner.  He was really, really scratching.  I got up and spread his hair and there WERE BUGS IN HIS HAIR.  LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM.  (It must have been going on for quite a while, which is horrendous.  But I don't touch his hair every day.  He's gotten to the point where he washes it on his own and we just do a visual once over to make sure that his hair is all rinsed off.) I picked up the couple I could see and then excused myself (and him) from our dinner guests.  We went directly upstairs and I started treating him right away. 

I'm not going to lie.  I was freaking out.  Thankfully our dinner guests are close friends of ours AND they recently had head lice and they totally understood. 

I did everything that you are supposed to, including combing, picking through and pulling out the eggs and live bugs and then treated his head with lice poison.  (He's been growing out his hair, though, so it was quite a lot to go through.  I did tell him that we could deal with the problem very quickly by just giving him a buzz cut, but he was not interested in that.)  After three hours of working on him, I finally put him to bed.  (New blankets, sheets and pillow of course.)  It probably was obsessive, but I really.really.really didn't want to have to deal with a lice infestation for weeks or even months!

Like many things in life, the unknown is definitely the most worrisome.  I have always dreaded that my kids would get head lice because it seems like such a Big Deal.  Add to that, blood sucking insects that live in ones hair is a fairly disgusting thought.  But after experiencing it, I can now say:  I can deal with that.  I know what to look for, how to treat it and that we will all live through it, even if I make the children sit for hours on end while I pick eggs and lice off their hair. 

All that being said, I do hope we can keep from getting it again.  And you bet your bottom dollar I'll be checking their heads once a week from now on.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sevivon Sov Sov Sov

(The title of this post translates from Hebrew as:  Dreidle turn, turn, turn.)

After school, the kiddos pulled out the big box of dreidles.  They weren't really interested in playing the game that is traditionally played, they were much more interested in simply spinning them.  They were spinning them upside down, trying to get as many going at once, and generally just enjoying them as tops.  What started as one per child, quickly turned in to a non-hostile, complete takeover of the kitchen floor.  Unfortunately, the kitchen is the only room downstairs that has a hard floor(except the laundry room floor and that is almost always covered in dirty laundry/muddy shoes/etc.).  So, I took a break from Shabbas dinner preparation and took some pictures of everyone enjoying spinning dreidles. 

The Boy-child was so proud to be able to spin the dreidle upside down!

Here is Lu-lu trying to get all five spinning at once. 

Noodle is watching this one spin down. 

PrincessE is doing two at once!

After we got all our Chanukias lit, it was time for Shabbas candles.  Tradition is that the woman/women of the house light the candles.  We aren't all about defined gender roles, but since I am the singer of the family, usually I sing/lead the brachas for Shabbas.  Tonight, PrincessE asked if she could light the candles and sing the bracha.  Woah.  She took the matches, lit them (with a bit of a struggle with the matchbox, it was her first time lighting a match) and then beautifully said the bracha.  There she was, back straight, hands covering her eyes, welcoming Shabbat.  I could see her, past, present and future, all wrapped up in that moment.  What a beautiful Shabbat present.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Chanukah!

Because of all the snow yesterday, today was a snow day for the kiddos.  Dadam still had to work, but these things cannot be helped.  Our first night celebration (last night) was low key and quiet.  We said the brachas (blessings), lit candles and ate (un)healthy portions of latkes (fried potato pancakes).  There were some presents to open and the kids enjoyed doing that. 

Tonight's celebration was also very quiet.  Everyone has been working up the courage to hold their own shamash (worker candle).  Last year, Talia was holding her own when some of the wax dripped on her hand.  For the rest of Chanukah she refused to hold her own candles.  I think she forgot that experience, though, because this year she is happily and confidently holding her own shamash AND lighting candles all by herself.  Leila was a bit nervous last night, but tonight did it with no hesitation.  They are all, healthily, nervous around the fire.  But we are trying to give them experiences and confidence to manage it, while still being respectful of its power.

It is so amazing to see them moving from being observers of the practice to practicers of the practice.  They are learning so much at school, they sing the brachas with confidence and gusto, they tell the stories and the meanings behind the ritual.  I am full of pride and love and hope when I see them living and loving their Judaism.  Chag Chanukah Sameach.  Happy Chanukah.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More and More and More Snow!

Over the course of the last couple days we've gotten more snow.  Today we got A LOT more!  I dropped off everyone but Noodle at school this morning.  (Noodle has a fever so school was a no go for her.) Then we went to the grocery to get what we needed to make latkes for our first night Chanukah celebrations.  At some point while we were in the grocery, it began to snow.  And by the time we were checking out and making our way to the car, it was snowing extremely hard.  There was so much snow on my car that I had to brush it off before we could make our way home!

I figured that the snow would just knock off.  But it just snowed and snowed and snowed!  I started to get a bit concerned about going back to get the kids.  Just as I got really concerned the snow tapered off.  I did some more work around the house and then the snow started up again!  It was coming down so hard that it was difficult for me to see the bushes in the back garden.  I was about to go and get the kids from school when I got a text that school was closing.  Shew! 

After a very slow drive to the school and home again, I was much happier now that we were all safe at home.  I called Dadam and encouraged him to come home, as the roads were already terrible. 

The kids went out and played a couple of times and the snow kept coming down until early afternoon, when it finally kicked off.  All in all, we ended up with somewhere between 10" and a foot.  Very exciting! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

White Stuff!

We woke up this morning and there was white stuff everywhere!  We had been sort of aware that inclement weather was potentially on the way, but here we have learned to ignore whatever the weather predictions are and just be prepared.  Everyone was incredibly excited to see snow and the plans to go out and play in it began as soon as they were awake. 

All lined up, raring to go and disturb all that untouched frozen tundra!

I have to admit, it is so incredibly nice to be able to help them all get dressed and then send them outside to play!  No one needs active supervision!  They can entertain themselves!  And get us if they need help!  (One downside of the no adults having to go outside, is a lack of action shots.  I'll have to remember that next time.)

It didn't take long for the SuperFour to finish outside.  It never got above freezing, although we did see sunshine the whole day.  Actually, one member would have stayed out longer if he could have convinced other members to stay with him.  Can you guess who wanted to stay out?  I'll give you four guesses and the first three don't count.  He was rather bummed out that no one wanted to stay out with him, but he wasn't willing to stay out by himself. 

Later in the day, after lunch and play and games and starting cinnamon roll dough, I wanted to go on a walk.  I do enjoy the snow and I definitely needed to go outside after having been cooped up all day.  When I told everyone to get ready, the three girls all, separately, came to me to a)complain and b)inform me of multiple reasons why they didn't want to go on a walk.  I calmly ignored the whining and told them to get ready.  Everyone bundled and off we went. 

It was lovely.  And the moment we stepped outside the Big Three were involved in some sort of running, slipping on the (very) icy road and deep in playing having fun.  Noodle stayed back with Dadam and I, and after we convinced her to just hold our hands, we had a nice walk on a snowy lane. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tooth Pull

You can't see it in this picture, but there is a tooth lurking behind the bottom left tooth.  This, of course, caused that bottom left tooth to become quite wobbly.  It was bothering The Boy-child for a little while now.  He would wiggle it with his tounge and push it with his top teeth.  He would ask us daily to pull on it and "just see if it would pop out".  Finally, tonight, Dadam gave it a tug. 

But the tooth still wouldn't pop out.   The Boy-child told him not to try again, but his mouth was bleeding and Dadam knew that it now needed to come out.  Dadam left the room to grab a tissue.  When he came back The Boy-child was fussing about how it was going to hurt.  We told him that it had to come out, so he should try pulling it.  And HE DID!  And out it popped!!!

I thought The Boy-child would pop with pride. 

And there's that other tooth, peeking out from behind, nearly halfway up already!!! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Now that no one needs nursing, or patting, or really anything to do with Mommy when they are going to sleep, Dadam is the man for the job.  I am so thankful because it means that I can help with going to bed, do nighttime ritual with everyone, tuck all the children in their beds and then I'm done for the day.  What a luxury!!  He still sits with LuLu and Noodle, mostly because they have a tendency to chat and mess around instead of going to sleep.

Last night he was sitting in with them, patting Noodle for a bit.  I had just turned out the light in PrincessE and The Boy-child's room when I heard Dadam laughing out loud.  I went in.  LuLu had just said to him, "Ohhhhhh, my eyes are hurting so much!  You better get me a wet washcloth quickly if you don't want me to complain!" 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


From the moment she came out, Lulu has been attached to me.  I don't mean that for a while in her life I was her favorite person, I mean that from about a week old "Mommy" has been it for her.  As an infant, she would cry if someone looked at her.  And heavens above, if I tried to hand her off to another adult!  Even Dadam was unacceptable a vast majority of the time.  She was sleeping in our bed the night I went in to labor with Noodle!  I swear there is an invisible umbilical cord connecting her to me.  Still. 

She has gotten a bit better as she has gotten older.  But there are still times when she will begin to cry in the evenings, if I am taking one of the other kiddos to an activity.  Or she might cry if I am going somewhere after she is asleep.  Oh my. 

I recently got invited to take part in a book club.  (Yay!  Reading books and discussing them with other women!  Yay!)  It only meets once a month and this month I really, really wanted to go as the book was hard to get through but really satisfying and well written at the end.  ("Cutting for Stone" - highly recommended) I wanted to go and discuss!  But, bah, Dadam's schedule got all screwed up and he ended up having to go to an evening meeting on the same night.  I thought:  no problem, I'll get a babysitter, get everyone asleep and then I'll slip away for a couple of hours.  Ha. 

I didn't think I should just leave the kids without telling them what was going on.  There is nothing more disorienting and, overall, more upsetting than waking up to a relative stranger in the house and no parental units!  Well, my Lulu, decided that this was not okay.  She'd only been up since six am (a full hour earlier than her alarm goes off) and is battling a head cold, but she was going to keep herself awake by working herself up into incredible hysterics about "mommy leaving her."  Leila was already snoring peacefully in the lower bunk and the house was quiet and sleepy.  But not Lu. 

Oh, Lulu.  My Lulu!  I know you are tired, exhausted even, and I am not "leaving you", I'm "going out for me".  But how do I draw that line for you when I know that you still see me as part of you?  Oh, Lu. 

So, I stood and I patted her like I haven't done in years.  She dozed off and woke herself up again, dozed and forced her eyes open.  Finally, I just kissed her and left, warning the babysitter as I went out of the house. 

I fully expected to find her curled up on the couch, watching the football game with the babysitter when I arrived home.  But she wasn't.  She was upstairs, in her bed, sound asleep.  I kissed her when I came in and she sat up, gave me a big sleepy smile, threw her arms around me and fell back asleep. 

She's okay.  But why does she have to make it so hard on me?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Noodle is learning about hedgehogs and owls this week in school. Today in the car, she was telling me about her day. They had read a story about owls.

"I wish we had a barn so that owls could live in it. Then we would be able to keep an eye on them."

Oh, three. Can I keep you forever?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Pics

Here are some pictures to see what counts for "long hair" on a boy, in this house.  When you are used to a buzz cut, this:

seems pretty shaggy!  (Note the hair is past his ears (gasp) and touching his collar (oh the humanity! or at least the poorly groomed).  When ever The Boy-child says he's ready for a cut, this is what he gets:

And here are some pictures of our jack-o'-lanterns all lit up. 

The Boy-child (on the left) wanted his to look "angry.  And PrincessE's is supposed to have a "hat" on. 

Noodles is on the left and Lulu's is on the right.  (It is amazing the differences in pumpkin thickness, Lulu's must have been much thinner, as it is *really* glowing!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Great Pumpkin(s)

Late last night I got an email announcing that the school was closed today due to a power outage! What to do with our all of a sudden free day? In the end of October we had purchased pumpkins to make Jack-o-lanterns with, but the pumpkins had been sitting on the dining room window sill since then. Aha! We'll carve our pumpkins!

First, we had to wash them. Then the kids all took a sharpie and went to town drawing faces. It is a bit difficult to explain how to draw a face that will be easy to cut out, but they did alright.

I cut the bottoms out of all the pumpkins. And they went to work cleaning them out. The Boy-child and LuLu got right to it; digging their hands in the muck and scooping out loads of seeds. PrincessE and Noodle, on the other hand, practically refused to put their hands in the pumpkins. I had to tell PrincessE that she needed to either do it or not, but I didn't want to hear any more complaining about her messy hands!

But they got it sorted out. Then I carved them up, trying to stick to the original drawings as much as possible. (I was a bit nervous about PrincessE and The Boy-child doing it themselves. I think next year I'm going to have to let them do it.) We have some friends who use their Dremel for pumpkin carving, I may advocate getting one for us! Four is a lot of pumpkins to carve.

They turned out really cute and we put tea lights in them, so they could welcome Dadam home.

Noodle and Lulu's punkins.

The Boy-child and PrincessE's!

(I'll post a pic of glowing pumpkins tomorrow!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Land Shark

The Boy-child has two wobbly teeth!  More importantly, because there is so.very.little room in his mouth, the adult teeth are coming in behind the baby teeth.  One adult tooth is already sticking out behind the others.  I was examining his mouth today and predicting lots of metal work in his mouth in the future.  "Oh, don't worry Mom.  I'm a shark!"

And I was worried he'd be self-conscious!


Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Boy-child is growing his hair out.  There are several boys in his class who have very long hair, flowing even.  So, he's giving it a try.  It's fairly long now and it hangs over his ears. 

This is difficult for Dadam to accept.  I have finally gotten him to stop frequently suggesting that the Boy-child should want his hair cut (we don't do that to the girls, why should we do it to him?), but he still cannot resist making the occasional slightly-teasing-remark. 

At breakfast this morning, Dadam said, "I know why you're having so much trouble hearing us!  Your hair is covering your ears!"  As I was telling Adam to leave the Boy-child alone, PrincessE piped up and said, "Oh Dad, you're just bothered because you don't have very much." 

Out of the mouths of babes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back Over the Ocean

In the beginning of the year we found out that one of Dadam's cousins (who we are really close with) was getting married (to a FAB lady, I might add).  I immediately told Dadam I wanted to go.  He wasn't too sure.  For one thing, flying everyone back over the ocean is a considerable financial burden.  Secondly, we would need to make a stop in DC to see Dadam's parents and also go to CO, where the wedding was going to be.  But, I argued, we would get to see most of our family and some of our friends.  Plus we could share in the wedding festivities.  What could be better than all that?!?!?!?  Over time, I convinced him and we made our plans.  It turned out that the wedding would be over a period of time when the kids already had some time off school, so out of our two week trip they would only be missing six days of school.  Not bad!  September arrived before we knew it and it was time to GO!

Of course, we had to make things challenging for ourselves by scheduling our flight to leave early on a Sunday morning.  What could be wrong with that, you say?  The day before was Yom Kippur, a day when we Jews fast for 24 hours and attend services. Yeah, it's intense.  Because the holiday begins at sundown on the previous day, Friday night, this meant I had to have everything packed no later than Friday afternoon.  For those of you who know me personally, you would be right to be skeptical that this would actually occur.  In addition to that small bump, I foolishly agreed to host the Break-the-Fast for our local Masorti group, at our house.  And that would be occuring on Saturday night, at about eight o'clock.  I am a lunatic.  Thankfully everything came off just fine and we were able to get to the airport on time and all in one piece.  Dadam and I didn't even have an argument, that's how not stressed we were.  (Or maybe that means we are growing up in our relationship, I dunno.)

I was slightly worried about how we were going to keep the kids entertained on the plane for seven and a half hours.  I hate flying.  Really.  And our kids are good.  Really, really good.  They don't throw temper tantrums, they don't yell, they are typically polite and thoughtful of one another and us, but I still really find flying with them a bit on the painful side.  For one, there is all the stuff we need to bring; four backpacks, four waterbottles, snacks, blankets, books, colored pencils, dolls, cars, etc ad nauseum or at least ad back-ache.  We were taking some red eye flights and so we had their four pillows with us as well.  After getting through security and getting on the plane, we discovered that each seat had it's own touch screen!  There were games, movies and TV shows all on demand.  The kids could start watching something, stop, start another one, play a game, play a game with another person(!) and then watch something else.  They were enthralled!!!!  There were even games that Leila could play.  It was fantastic.  The time flew by and Dadam and I even got to watch a movie each.  It was so nice to be able to pause it, deal with the kiddos, and then go back to watching! 

Our first stop was DC, where we stayed overnight with our friends Prospero and MissAuFait and their four children.  They were so kind to open their home to an additional six (jetlagged, smelly, loud, hyper) people.  Our kids and their kids began playing immediately, as though they had just seen each other last week, as opposed to five months ago.  It was FABULOUS.  MissAuFait made a delicious dinner, the children were happy, life was good.  I could not believe how well the kids were handling the jet-lag.  Monday morning we woke up and everyone was still doing just fine.  We spent a wonderful day just hanging out.  And it was great.

Monday night we said goodbye (after Prospero drove us to the airport, helped us offload, and wanted to tell off a traffic cop for refusing to look the other way while Prospero helped us inside).  We ended up with a VERY late flight out of DC.  It left at ten PM.  This got us into CO at an extremely late hour.  As we were waiting in line to check in, Noodle began to melt down.  Foolishly, I had not brought the ergo with us.  I don't know what I was thinking.  She just needed to be held and I needed to help with bags and checking in.  I ended up laying her on the floor of the airport check-in terminal, on a large pile of pillows, tears streaming down her face.  LuLu began to sob as well and PrincessE and theBoy-Child just looked absolutely exhausted.  That was the first time I thought to myself, "What the h&*%$ was I thinking?!!?!?!  This was a terrible idea!!"  But we got checked in and scooped up the babes and headed off to security. 

Once we got on the plane, every.single.one. of us was asleep before take off and we ALL slept the whole time, waking up only when the pilot said, "Welcome to Denver."  We got off the plane and more crying ensued.  Dadam left us at the luggage claim while he went to get the rental car.  PrincessE was running a fever and had a horrid cough and runny nose (something she had not had when we left England on Sunday morning!).  I finally convinced the kids to lay down on their pillows, in a quiet corner, while I grabbed the luggage.  By the time I finished getting all the luggage, they were all asleep again.  I covered them and I layed down with them and I fell asleep. 

A while later, I woke up again.  Still no Dadam.  PrincessE woke up with a start, "I can't sleep!!!  Where's Daddy?  Where has Daddy gone?  He's NOT COMING BACK.  I KNOW!"  And she began to sob.  I cuddled her and got her calmed down and she fell asleep again.  I went back to sleep.  Sometime later, PrincessE woke up again and this time was completely non-linear about the fact that Dadam was not yet back and that he wasn't coming back.  I admit, I was beginning to be concerned.  Not that he had abandoned us in the airport, but that something bad had happened.  As I was going through something to say to PrincessE to reassure her that Daddy *was* coming back, he came back.  Oh sweet relief.  The rental car company took AGES to get Dadam to the office and then there was only one person working the counter!!!  We woke everyone up, straggled out to the car, pur in all the car seats and drove to the hotel.  It was only half two in the morning.  BAH!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All By Myself or The House is Really Quiet

The first week of school, I had G-Daddy with me after we got the kids to school.  We took advantage of being adults and had coffee and did assorted activities Without Children.  G-Daddy headed home and a terrible plague promptly made its way through the ranks of children.  One after another they got a fever, threw up and were unwell for a couple of days.  In the midst of all that, we had time off school for Rosh Hashana.  And then in the third week of September, one morning, I took every.single.child. to school and came home.  To a completely empty house. 

Oh, it was quiet. 

Too Quiet.

And the silence made me cry.

For a very long time in my life, close to a decade, I have had a child (or children) at home with me during the day.  For years I have been unable to walk without someone following me, to change my clothes without a running commentary, to use the bathroom all.by.myself.  And now, in the blink of an eye, for several hours during the day, my time is my own. 

I called Adam and cried a bit.  I worked on some sewing that needed doing.  I felt slightly sorry for myself and a little lost.  Then it was time to get Noodle.  I'm sure I'll get used to it.  I know I will.  But for now it's hard to hear myself through the quiet.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Grand Visit

When Dadam found out that he was getting promoted, his dad (G-Daddy) told us that he would like to come out for the ceremony.  Fabulous!  We finally found out when Dadam was pinning on (1September) and let G-Daddy know so that he could make travel plans.  And in the end of August, he came out! 

We were all so happy to see him!  The kids could barely contain themselves and Dadam and I were excited too.  He arrived and we immediately began dragging him around to local sightseeing spots and museums. 

The first day we took him to the Royal Armory in Leeds.  We have been near the building before, but never in.  It was amazing.  Highlights included the tower of weapons and a nearly intact set of elephant armor, the only one that exists in the world!  I think the kids were a bit overwhelmed with information, but the adults found it very interesting and quite enjoyable. 

Next day we went off to Fountains Abbey.  It's some place we have been before and enjoyed.  We listened to a guy talk about keeping bees and then wandered down to the Abbey.  It is an amazing structure and it was really fun to share it with G-Daddy. 

On our way back from Fountains Abbey we drove by Harewood House (the local Lord's Manor).  Just outside the gates were four steam engine steam rollers!!!  They were AMAZING.  I had heard there was a "steam rally" at Harewood that weekend, but had dismissed it as something to do.  Boy was I wrong.  We were all so excited by the steam engines that we decided to go see them the next day! 

There were mini steam engines and big ones.  There were steam engines that had been "modded" to make them more modern.  They had antique cars and miliary vehicles and motorcycles. 

 A mini steam engine.

A full size steam engine.

A steam engine with a more modern feel.

And a really cool old steam roller.  Note the chains used for steering!

Tuesday was Dadam's promotion and G-Daddy's birthday.  It was a nice ceremony and then we went out to a very nice dinner.  The kids were really well behaved and (mostly) sat nicely through the ceremony.  There was one point, during the first promotion going on, that Noodle turned to G-Daddy and said, "I need to use the toilet."  Any other time, G-Daddy would do just.about.anything for any of the kids.  But he turned to her and hissed, "No!"  I knew she didn't need to go, she likes to say she does just so she can get out of whatever situation she feels is uninteresting.  But we got through the promotion without further interruption and it was really nice. 

And Wednesday the kids started school.  I can't belive how much easier it is to get the kids ready for school and get them to school, when there is an extra adult around to help!  We rode our bikes and had a really nice time.  While the kids were at school we had coffee and chatted and did grocery shopping.  We even had the chance to go to Betty's Tea Shop, a Yorkshire tradition.  G-Daddy said he wanted to try an authentic scone to see what they were supposed to taste like.  He told me that when he tried to make them they had turned out pretty dry.  After we started eating our scones, I asked him what he thought.  He revealed that he was interested to learn that scones are just supposed to be dry. 

On the Saturday before G-Daddy went home, we took a fab day trip to York.  We had a lovely breakfast and then headed out to walk all the way around the wall that used to enclose the city.  We also stopped by the Train Museum and had such fun examining and looking at all the trains. 

(It is nearly impossible to get everyone to hold still for a photo!  G-Daddy knows how, though, thank goodness.)

We are so happy that he was able to come over and spend some time with us.  It was so nice to have him here for Dadam's promotion.  All the adventures we had were so much fun.  I think the week after he went, all the kids went though severe withdrawl, as everyday after school he played with them for hours in the backyard.  I know I speak for everyone when I say:  We can't wait to have a Grand visit again!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our New House Part II

And now, without further ado, are pictures of the sleeping quarters! 

 Stairs in the entryway as you come in the front door. 

 A view up the stairs to the second floor. The doorway that can be seen to the right is the "house bathroom" or the bathroom for the kids.

At the top of the stairs and to the left is our guest room.  Right now, as you can see, it is the throw stuff in that we don't want to put away right now room.  The guest room has its own bathroom and that is to the right as you enter.

 Guest bathroom.

There is a kid bathroom to the right of the guest room.  It has a shower and a tub and two sinks! 

Two sinks!!  And some nice cabinets.

 A view down the hallway towards our bedrooms from the house bathroom.

 The first bedroom is shared by LuLu and Noodle. 

 It's not huge, but they mostly just sleep in there anyway. 

 Here you can see that the kids' rooms are right next door to one another.  Literally.  PrincessE and The Boy-child's room is on the left.

 The entryway to PrincessE and The Boy-child's room.

And their beds!  I bet you can figure out whose is whose. 

 Our room is just to the left (as you are facing them) of the kids' rooms. 

We have two walls of built in closets!

And two built in sets of drawers.

 And a whole lot of laundry on the bed!

 Here's the view of our other set of closets and our bathroom.

A close up of our bathroom!

I hope you've enjoyed your tour!  Come see us soon!!!