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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm a Little Nervous, It's My First Time

***It has been pointed out to me that this post is factually incorrect. I did leave the kids with friends of ours. But they were people I knew for a loooong time and very much trusted. So that's like family, right? I am thankful that those people were there to help us out and give our kids the support and care they needed when Dadam and I had to be somewhere else.***

News Flash: I'm a control freak. This Just In: The control-freakiness gets even worse about my kids.

Back when Elie was very little we lived in Colorado, where we had a host of extended family that I felt quite comfortable with leaving non-breastfeeding children with. Adam and I almost never availed ourselves of these lovely people just so we could go out, it was almost exclusively for things like doctors appointments. It wasn't that we didn't want to go out, it was just hard because for a majority of the time I was breastfeeding a child and you can't leave the na-na's with family, no matter how hard you try. When we moved to Virginia and had older children and older nurslings, we used to leave the kids with G-Daddy (Dadam's Dad). That was something I was completely and totally comfortable with. I'm not sure who had a better time, the kids or the GrandDaddy!

Now we are here and we have no family to pawn our children off on. It doesn't come up *that* often, but it is nice to have someone trustworthy to leave the kids with. We asked around at school and learned that one of the teachers lives just around the corner from us AND she has an 18 year old daughter! An interview later and MissFun was hired, as needed.

I honestly didn't think I'd *need* to use her while Dadam was gone, but....

Tuesday nights, Elie has Brownies. They go from 6-7:15! My plan had been to take Elie to Brownies and take the other three to hang out at the library for an hour of reading, change into jammies and pick Elie up. But, of course, I got selected for security duty the second week of term.

Security duty isn't hard; it entails sitting in ones car and keeping an eye out for anyone intending to do harm to a troop of Brownies. (I'd think the massive amounts of shrieking emanating from the scout hut would be enough to keep anyone away, but what do I know.)

Then my plan changed: I was going to make the three sit with me in the car, while Elie was inside doing Brownies. Cruel, no?

But Tuesday afternoon it occured to me that I could avail myself of our new employee AND everyone would probably be more comfortable in the long run. I checked and she was available. She showed up, kisses all around for the kids, and off we went.

I got about five minutes from the house and had a weird-out moment in my head. "I've just left my children with a relative stranger. She seems nice and attentive. I hope everything goes alright. My children are not with me! They are not with family! Have I done the right thing!?!?!?!?"

Brownies went fine, it was much nicer to not sit in the car with three over-tired, partially-bored kiddos. We got home and the three were all very excited about how nice and lovely MissFun was. Talia told me "She let us do whatever we wanted to!" And Leila promptly began to cry and say "I miss Miss Fun." And I pointed out that she hadn't even left the house yet!

It was a bit strange. And not something I'll not be doing *all* the time. But I am really looking forward to calling MissFun and having her stay with the kids while Dadam and I enjoy some adult-swim. I guess having a babysitter at ones disposal isn't all bad.


  1. adult-swim? Is that what they're calling it these days???

  2. Nah, "adult-swim" is just what I call it when adults get to have time without their children.

  3. so that *is* what they're calling it these days.