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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Post of Self-Pity

I'm feeling sort of down-in-the-dumps tonight. Dadam left today for five weeks. Bah. He hasn't traveled for work since May. It's the longest consecutive time he's been home since before Talia was born. Now he's gone. And it's not just one or two weeks. Nope. It's practically a whole half term of school. We've gotten the kids involved in after-school activities and lessons. We have school projects and homework and birthday parties. Bah. BAh. BAH.

I'm feeling lonely and isolated. I've not made any friends yet; I'm sure my hermit-like, anti-social behaviour isn't helping the situation. Dadam is a good friend to me. We hang out, he makes me laugh and we have a good time together. Now I have zero friends here. Waaaa.

I purchased some slow-cooker cookbooks, so that I could still be sure we are eating well and having dinner on the table when we come in from activities. The only thing worse than children who are being temporarily-single-parented, are hungry and tired children who are being temporarily-single-parented. Tonight we walked in the door at 6:25, dinner was on the table 10 minutes later and the kids were in bed by 7:30. Of course, my first choice from the slow-cooker cookbook went over like a lead balloon, but I know it was healthy and supposed to taste good.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get snow. Maybe it will be enough to close school, then I won't have to worry about slow-cooking tomorrow's dinner.

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  1. Oh Sis. I know how you feel. It is crappy for sure. Please just know I am here for you! I love you tons and I know you can do it...you are STRONG!