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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sew, Sew Super

Elie has been invited to several birthday parties this year. The first couple she was more than happy to have me pick up something from the toy store for a present. But, of course, some unknown variable shifted and she became frustrated with not getting to pick out the present she was giving.

Truth is, it is downright impossible for us to get to a shopping mall during the weekday. There aren't many around and they are far away from us, relatively speaking. So I was a bit stumped as to how we were going to make time to take her shopping for a birthday gift.

A bit of quick thinking later, and some inspiration from my Nana, I suggested that Elie could sew her friend a pillowcase as a birthday present. This would solve the acquiring issue and give Elie some much longed for sewing practice. I did tell her she had to finish a school project before we could do this gift project and it was amazing how motivated to do a good job she became.

Today she (with a wee bit of mom-help) made a really cute pillowcase for her friend. She did a great job sewing. I am really proud!

Then, during dinner, she bit her pizza crust in a funny way and knocked a pretty wiggly tooth, all the way to needing to be pulled. She was being silly and telling me it hurt too much to pull, so I had her put her arms around me. I reached into her mouth and she didn't even know I pulled it. Thankfully, I convinced her to wait to put it under her pillow until tomorrow night. The tooth-fairy needs some brain storming time!!


  1. So, I am curious about how old Elie is, because my 8 year old and 6 year old have been BEGGING me to use the sewing machine. I am scared they will sew over their fingers and am trying to get them interested in learning a bit of hand sewing with just a needle and thread. They are not so into my idea. But, that is how I learned... first with needle and thread and THEN add in a machine! Hmmmm...

  2. Elm: Elie is a month shy of 8 years old. This is not her first experience with the sewing machine, though it is her first time doing most of the work all by herself. I learned on a machine first and it wasn't until I was an adult that I sewed over my fingers! The way we have done it is this: first, when she was very little (like 2) she would sit in my lap and put her hands under mine on the fabric, then we moved on to her sitting in my lap and doing most of the fabric herself - with some help - at age five, now -at eight- she is ready to do it herself.