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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wishes Do Come True

We woke up this morning and it was snowing. By the time we were eating our breakfast, I was having serious doubts about my ability to safely deliver the children to school. The snow was coming down very fast and very thick; we could not even see the bottom of our garden. I decided not to take the kids to school.

Then we got a very strange email from the school network. It said that attendance was "at your discretion." The school would still be open, but if parents felt like it was too dangerous then it was okay not to bring their kids. What a different way of looking at the situation! I've never encountered anything like that before. Usual drill in America is that the school superintendent makes the call for everyone. And we certainly don't have "at parental discretion" attendance. Happily enough, mid-morning we got another email saying school had been cancelled. And then later on still, yet another email saying that school was called off for tomorrow as well.

We got about six or seven inches of snow. It was a good amount and loads of fun to play in. The kids went out and play for a couple of hours and then I joined them and we played for another hour and a half more.

When we left Virginia, I went on a get-rid-of-it streak. One of the things I, stupidly, gave away were our sleds. I was told it didn't really snow much here and I was not sure we would live some place that had a good location for sledding. I was dumb. We have a fantastic hill towards the bottom of the garden. It is just the right grade for sledding; not too fast, but steep enough that sitting on something slippery will cause you to slide. And I had no sleds (or "sledges" as they are called here) for my kiddos!

After a bit of thinking, I went inside and grabbed some jelly roll pans. They were slippery and with a bit of logistical creativity, we managed to get some sledding in. Everyone was so excited to sled on "pans", as they all kept saying. I think it was more fun to do something silly with the pans than to sled, but whatever the reason, everyone had a fantastic time.

I was happy because we had a nice quiet day and I didn't have to rush around or make dinner in the slow-cooker. Tomorrow will be another quiet day, which I can't say I'm sorry about.

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