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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chag Purim

Since we didn't do any Halloween last year and since Purim is a big deal over here, we went pretty involved with the costumes this year. Isaac wanted to be a green/yellow monster, Elie requested a green/red fairy costume and Talia and Leila did their routine waffling over what they wanted to be. First they wanted to be fairies and then they settled on re-using some purple care bear costumes I had made a couple of years ago. To add to the fun, we bought a set of face paints.

Of course, I waited until the last possible minute to start making costumes. I am a fool. But, it ended up working out alright. I took an old green care bear costume and pulled the ears, stomach emblem and tail off of it. Then I added some crazy bright yellow fabric and ta-dah, a monster! Elie's I made completely from scratch, but we did bogart the wings from another costume we had laying around. A quick seam rip of the hems on the legs made Talia and Leila's costumes mostly not too short and we were in business!!

Elie wasn't quite sure how she wanted her face painted, so I tried to adapt something from our face painting book.  It turned out a little, well, extreme, but it worked for her and she ended up winning a prize for her costume!  Dadam painted Isaac's face and did a downright freaky job of it.  There was a forked tongue on his chin!  Some of the other kids did not recognize him, it was fantastic.  And our two purple care bears had face paint to match.  They were adorable, thought a bit too warm inside the synagogue.

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  1. WOW!!!! cool costumes! You did a great job. I bet you all had a fun time.