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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dr. Isaac, D.D.S.

Elie's top two center teeth decided that the best way to grow in would be to simply push the baby teeth down until they fell out. The left side went first. It did a marginal job and she did end up with her baby tooth hanging down, much lower than the rest of her teeth, but still refusing to be pulled out. Finally, after a week or so of hanging there, it got loose enough to pull. Then the right side tooth started coming down. And it was coming down crookedly. Within the last week, the baby tooth has been hanging below the other teeth in a gross-snaggle-tooth sort of way. But only half of it was hanging down. At the beginning of this week, the tooth was hanging down so far, that we could see the root on the far left side, but the right side was not wiggling at.all.

Last night I noticed that the gum above was very red and irritated. Dadam and I both tried to pull the pesky tooth out, but it would not budge. Elie reported that it was difficult to eat and starting to be painful. After a brief confab, Dadam agreed to call the base dentist to get her in to see someone.

Dadam called and made an appointment for tomorrow morning. Everyone was relieved, but the tooth was still hanging in there. (Pun completely intended!)

This evening we were horsing around a bit after story time. Elie was sitting in my lap and Isaac was climbing on my arm. All of a sudden, Isaac tipped backwards and as he was falling he popped Elie right in the mouth with his hand. I turned to see Elie, mouth hanging open and bleeding, with an extra tooth laying on her bottom row of teeth.

Dadam sat Elie up, got the tooth out of her mouth, and hustled her to the bathroom to clean up her face. Isaac began to cry, worried that he had hurt Elie and also because he had cut his hand when it bumped into her teeth. He was much more worried about hurting Elie than himself. Elie actually told him, "Isaac, it's okay! My tooth came out and now I don't have to go to the dentist!"

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