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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hairy Situation

Talia has been asking, on and off, to get her hair cut for years. It started when we cut Elie's for the first time and has continued since. When we moved here, she became more insistent and regular about asking. I was always hesitant. Her hair took AGES to grow in. When it finally did, it was thin and fine and impossible to control. Her hair is also stick.straight. It is always geting in her food, paint, whatever she is working on. And to add to the hair mess, she recently developed the yucky habit of sucking on her hair.

It had become a hassle in the mornings and I could tell she didn't like having it long anymore. She was sure she wanted it cut, so today I took her to the bathroom-hair salon and cut her beautiful locks.

This is her hair before:

(The picture is unintentionally stark.)

And a couple after shots:

She loves it. And I am sad. And relieved. And sad. But, it was the same with Elie, it's not my head. My girls are growing up!

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