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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Museum Day

Today we took a faboo family outing with another couple of families from school to Eureka! The National Kids Museum.

We met up there and had an amazing time exploring and experiencing and playing together. It was a really well laid out museum and there were all the exhibits you'd expect in a place like that; lots of hands on and doing, with learning cunningly mixed in.

They also happened to have a special room set up where there was face painting, balloon sculpture and make your own circular button badge thingies. (I'm having trouble with coming up with the proper name of the things, but you know: the circular badges with a safety pin on the back.)

An Eliecat!

A Taliacat!

A Leilafly.

And our Issacster.

It was a great visit and a years pass was included in our admission. I have a feeling we'll be visiting again!

ps. Totally shocked that Isaac wanted (and them followed through with) face painting. He is notoriously shy about doing anything that he percieves will draw attention to himself or make him look too different from everyone else. It was a good day.

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