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Friday, February 12, 2010

Settle, Settling, Settled!!! (Shew!)

Wednesday and today were both great days for Leila at nursery. Thank goodness. I was very nervous that it wasn't going to go well. But Wednesday morning we went in, Leila took her coat right off, found her coat hook, took "bittybaby" and went off to play in the sand. I sat next to her for a few minutes, which is what she asked me to do, and then I gave her a hug and a kiss and said I was going to go. She said, "Okay. Will you come to pick me up a little early?" I said yes and I went on my way! I came home and had a piano lesson, did some laundry and cross stitch and then it was time to pick her up.

Today, same drill for her. She was excited to go, happy to be there and fine with me leaving. THIS is the child I know; happy, confident, outgoing, interested and interactive. I am still worried that perhaps we made the wrong choice by sending her, but I suppose one could second-guess oneself from now until eternity and nothing would ever get done. She's happy and so we'll go with it. I'm just glad there aren't any more tears.

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