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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Pesach!

Having the kids in a Jewish Day School has been a really nice experience.  We have seen them learn so many new things.  They are excited and involved and interested.  It is beautiful to see the light in their eyes.  Every holiday has been celebrated and talked about and experienced at school. 

Spring is when we celebrate Pesach (Passover).  During this holiday we remember the Jewish people being set free from slavery in Egypt.  We eat matzah for eight days and we have two ceremonial meals called Seders.  There are loads of songs, a myriad of symbols and many rituals to learn and observe.

The school has been abuzz with excitment.  Our children each had school seders (Talia had one that she memorized a part for and Leila had one at nursery) and they all made different ritual objects to be used in our home seders.  It has been so fun to see them so incredibly energized about their Judaism and their participation in it. 

I can't wait for our Seders.  GranEde and GranDude will be here and the kiddos have already organized a mini-recital to happen during the Seder.  I am already imagining our table, beautifully set, with family and tradition coming together to observe and celebrate. 

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