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Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy To Be Home

Happily surgery went well.  Wednesday I came out of recovery to a room full of children playing with their GranDude.  I think I may have frightened them a bit with my disorientation and moaning.  (I was very nauseated post surgery.  It was HORRID.)  They went and played and ran around while Dadam stayed with me and I dozed.  They all trooped off to dinner and I dozed some more.

After dinner they came back to see me before going home for bed.  It was quite traumatic for all involved. I still had my IV in, there was blood all around the port, my incision on my neck was a little oozy and I had a bandage on my right hand where they had taken labs from.  After some questions and some kisses, the time came to say goodbye and there were lots of tears.  Talia started crying, then Leila and finally Isaac began.  Elie just looked very sad.  We did our nighttime prayers together and then they left.  I was so sad to have to send them away and so sad to be alone and so sad to not be able to help.

First night was rough, but I made it through dozing fitfully.  Yesterday was a good day.  I was able to get out of bed, take a bath and get dressed in my own clothes.  By the time Dadam, GranDude and Leila made it back to me for their post-lunch-visit I was ready to go home!

The kids were thrilled to see me laying on the couch when they got home.  It was great to be here with them.  They are still occasionally checking that I won't have to stay in the hospital again.  There are lots of questions about the incision and what is going to happen with it.  They are excited to have a weekend of adventure with Dadam and GranDude.  My plans aren't quite as grand:  I'll still be resting on the couch.

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  1. The couch at home beats the hospital any day. So glad to hear you are there.