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Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 Mile Hike of Mandatory Outdoor Fun

GranEde wears a pedometer all the time.  She uses it to track how much she is walking in a day and to make sure she is getting enough exercise.  She wore it everyday that we were on vacation and a regular topic of discussion at dinner was how many steps we had taken that day and how many miles that equated to.  Amazingly, we were walking about six miles everyday.  And the kids were doing it too, even Leila, with hardly any complaints.  I was routinely amazed at how much we were walking and how well the kids were doing, day after day.

On our last day in Edinburgh we decided to head out of town again.  Everyone was interested in seeing a loch and so we picked Loch Leven because it has an island with a castle on it and it had a circle of caches around it.  We arrived in the morning and it was a beautiful sunny day.  (Stirling Castle had been quite damp, with alternating drizzle and down pour.)  We got on the boat and went over to the castle ruins to explore.

It wasn't a very big island and all the grownups agreed we weren't sure how fun it would have been to live there with a castle full of people.

Back on the mainland, we looked at the map and realized that the trail that went only halfway around the lake, was eight miles long.  All the grownups wanted to do it and we knew from all the walking we had been doing, that the kids would be able to handle it.  So we worked out the logistics of not being stranded without a car at the end, ate a picnic lunch, and off we went.

Dadam and GranDude frequently disappeared to find caches.  GranEde set a tough, but fair, pace so that we wouldn't be stranded in the forest in the dark and I herded children.  We had all four seasons in one day; rain, hail, wind, sun.  The scenery was gorgeous.  We saw swans.  We saw gliders and parasails.  It was a fabulous hike.  Much to my surprise (we brought the Ergo along just in case) Leila made it almost to the end.  Her little feet were hurting her and we picked her up for the last couple tenths of a mile.  Everyone else trooped through it all and seemed to have a really good time.

By the end of the hike, all the children were telling us how tired they were.  It had been a long hike.  As soon as we made it to the parking lot, the kids all needed to use the toilet.  After we got that taken care of, they promptly began climbing around, running after each other and generally behaving in a crazy manner.  Where was the tired?!??!?!

It was a fantastic vacay with GranEde and GranDude.  We all had a fun time being together, talking with one another, visiting, listening and laughing.  Oh, there is always tons of laughing.  We are already planning our next vacation together and I, for one, can't wait!

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