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Friday, April 2, 2010

Castle on a (sometimes) Island

One of the many things I enjoy about traveling with my parents is that they are extremely flexible people.  They realize that life is not something that can be scheduled or controlled with any sort of certainty.  So they embrace the adventure and go where the wind will carry them.  Of course, this sort of attitude is extremely helpful necessary when traveling with six other people, four of whom are children.  Sometimes it isn't the grandchildren who cause the change of plans, sometimes it is the grown children.

On Friday morning we woke up and had breakfast.  We needed to be in Edinburgh by the evening, to check in at our self-catering apartment, but we had all day to get there.  GranDude had seen some postcards depicting a cool-looking castle about an hour south of Berwick and so we began to drive down to tour it.  On the way, I saw a sign for Lindesfarne Castle and then right after a sign for Holy Island.  Holy Island is only accessible when the tide is out; there is a small village there and a beautiful castle built on top of the only hill on the island.  I had read about this island and castle when I was an early teen and had always wanted to go there.  Change of plans!

We drove down to the causeway and saw that the tide was out!  There were lots of other people driving over to the island as well and when we got over, we checked the tide tables and discovered we had until mid-afternoon to get back over to the mainland.  Unfortunately, despite MANY large signs warning people that they can only cross during specific times, there are several rescues that have to take place every year when people try and cross while the tide is coming in.  (You can even text the date to a specific number and it will text you back the safe crossing times!)  We were very cautious to take note of the time so that we wouldn't be stuck. (Also it helped that Isaac was absolutely obsessed with the fact that water was going to cover the road at some point in the future.  He was very concerned we might get stuck and need to be rescued.)

Tide information gathered, we began our walk out to Lindesfarne Castle.  It was another sunny day (!) and the view was gorgeous.

At the castle they were running a "find all the easter bunnies and get a prize" activity.  In ten places around the castle there were stuffed bunnies hidden.  When you found the bunny, you wrote down what color is was and what room it was in.  Elie glanced back at me to see if we would be participating, then she came and whispered, "I know we don't celebrate Easter...."  We could hardly resist.  And the prizes were large, adult hand sized, chocolate easter eggs.  It was hilarious to hear our little Jewish children, still keeping Pesach,  so excited to find "EASTER BUNNIES!"

While they were finding bunnies, we were exploring the castle.  The last occupants were a brother and sister, who lived there!  It's not a huge castle, but it is beautiful and we all had a fun time imagining living there.

Keeping in mind the safe crossing times, we crossed back over to the mainland to eat lunch.  After a bout of caching and some tuna on matza, we headed up to Edinburgh!

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