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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hadrian's Wall

Wednesday morning, after another nice Seder, we got ourselves gathered and headed north to see some bits of Hadrian's Wall. The weather was wild; very windy and rainy, with occasional spots of snow! Not really very pleasant for picnicing and walking 1/2 mile to see a Roman Fort and a section of the wall.

We came prepared and bundled up. It was really intresting and we had a great time wandering the ruins.
(The remains of the heated floor in the commandants house.)

(Yes, that is SNOW on the ground against the wall!)

We drove on and ended up arriving at our campsite at half ten. The proprietors were less than thrilled, but we got settled quickly and went to bed. The wind was howling and freezing cold and we were very happy to be in a wooden wigwam.

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