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Monday, April 5, 2010

Scottish Royalty - Past and Present

The next two days we explored the Palace of Holyroodhouse (palace for the Queen when she is visiting Scotland) and Edinburgh Castle (military stronghold for the Scots).  Sunday was the Palace of Holyroodhouse.  It is a beautiful palace, opposite Edinburgh Castle, at the end of the road known as the "Royal Mile."  There are no pictures allowed inside the castle, so one of the facade will have to do.

We all got our audio tours and listened and observed our way through the spaces in the palace that are open to the public.  The kids were adorable with their ears pressed against the audio devices and their desire to punch in numbers that corresponded to the rooms we were seeing.  Leila did give up on hers about halfway through, but then it was adorable to see her pretend like she was on the phone.  Elie and Isaac took their job of sightseeing very seriously and reported what historic facts they learned.  Talia was sort of in and out, but did a pretty fantastic job of staying interested for a 4.5 year old.  

We also toured the Queen's Gallery, which had an exhibition of photographs from Scott's tragic and Shackleton's miraculous antarctic expeditions.  The photos were amazing, breathtaking, heartbreaking and wonderful to see.  They also had a children's activity to do, so we took turns helping the kids find the information they needed to and viewing the photographs ourselves.  Of course, they could only look at the pictures so long before they got serious ants in their pants and we needed to leave.   

Monday we devoted entirely to Edinburgh Castle.  This time, we decided to get the audio tours (when we went in the fall we didn't get them) and I am glad we did.  We did look funny holding the audio devices up to our ears though.  And the kids took it very seriously!

Even GranEde and GranDude looked so cute listening together.  No, this shot isn't posed, but they caught sight of me taking their picture and they both started grinning.  

We explored the castle from top to bottom.  We watched a demonstration of dancing and music from the 14th century.  (The older three even got a chance to take part in the dancing.  Leila had already moved away from the front and missed her chance.  Then she was devastated by not being able to go up with the kids and cried.)  We were there from close to opening time, all the way to closing. 

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